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    We at BootheGlobalPerspectives have been studying the weather. How much water is floating above our heads in clouds? Why have hurricanes become so big?  Why is extreme weather happening all over the world more and more?  How does it work?

    Read this and it is important to understand, and pass it on.  Feel free to copy this and use it to educate the public.…


  • Sep 10, 2017 | World  

    TWO DATES THAT CHANGED OUR NATION 11/22/63 and 4/4/68

    TWO DATES : November 22, 1963 & April 4, 1968 John F. Kennedy Assassinated: Date: Friday, Nov 22, 1963 Where: Dealey Plaza, Dallas, at 12:30 p,m. Why? Political or Criminal Motives??? In 1963, I was in high school, in typing class under Mrs. Stambaugh...


  • Aug 27, 2017 | World  


    Caligula. Roman Emperor 37-41 AD Only slept 3 hours a night. Made spontaneous pronouncements constantly. Proclaimed his enormous wealth. Told his mother that he could do anything and was above the law. Lived with such luxury that the Roman Empire had to increase the budget to pay for his luxuries. Eventually he bankrupted the Roman Treasury...


  • Aug 23, 2017 | World  

    Germans Amazed that the USA Allows Nazis to Preach Hate in the USA

    I was reading about Germany. There, if someone waves a Nazi flag, they will be automatically put in jail. "The law goes further. There is the legal concept of “Volksverhetzung,” the incitement to hatred...


  • Aug 19, 2017 | World  

    Saneh Boothe Elected to Board of Directors of SAG AFTRA in New Mexico

    Looking back, it is interesting to see how Saneh's life has progressed. She was living in Iran, just out of medical school, and was doing intern work in radiology when the revolution started. After seeing a woman stoned on the street and a man hung from a light pole, she determined that she needed to go to America...


  • Jul 13, 2017 | World  

    CUBA, "I love her. She is impossible."

    "Cuba, I love her. She is impossible." That is the phrase I remember most upon returning from Cuba. I had asked our taxi driver what his life was like. He said an average day of work was about 16 hours. He had two children and his car, a 1954 Chevy. He wore out the original engine and with his own hands installed a 4-cylinder motor from Korea. He was proud of his car. "It feeds us," he said...


  • Jul 9, 2017 | World  

    British Film Maker, Peter Kershaw, Interviewed by Big Sky Voices

    PETER KERSHAW, BRITISH MOVIE MAKER NOW A NEW MEXICAN VOICE IN MOVIE PRODUCTION Peter Kershaw, owner of Duchy Parade Films of Britain, has produced over 30 film productions, most in the UK, most with Duchy Parade Films, but some with Claro Films, NFTS (UK) and others...


  • Jun 9, 2017 | World  

    Qatar in Trouble, Saudis Itching for Conflict

    Qatar in Trouble Because of a Fake News Story Supporting Relations With Iran Saudi Arabia is dominated by an age-old pact with the Wahabi sect, the most conservative and violent sect of Islam. Because of that Saudi Arabia has donated huge sums to religious and radical groups around the world, often fostering violence. The Wahabi are Sunni, and the Iranians are Shiite...


  • Apr 18, 2017 | World  


    INFRASTRUCTURE IS A BIG DEAL, AND THE USA IS IN A DEEPER HOLE THAN EVER. CAN TRUMP FILL IT? Infrastructure needs fixing, from local towns to interstate highways! Like the president, I have traveled the world and have noticed the sorry state of America's aging, sometimes potholed interstate highways, aged inadequate airports, ancient electrical systems, and obsolete water systems...


  • Apr 17, 2017 | World  

    Ancient Persia (now Iran) Gave Christians and Jews Many of their Beliefs

    Concepts that Christians and Hebrews Got from Zoroastrians I am often amazed at how similar we turn out to be with people we thought were so different. In ancient Iran there was a religion that predated Islam. This group could be found all over the Middle East but seemed to have a strong center in what is now Iran...


  • Mar 1, 2017 | World  


    The USA has elected: A Dystopian Narcissist of Pseudologistic Hyperbole. If you need interpretation: Dystopian is a viewpoint of a dark, destroyed world in despair and chaos. It is a world dark, defeated, where civilization has failed. Narcissisit is a person so self-centered that he does not empathize or think of others. Pseudologistic hyperbole...


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