Standards and Code of Ethics (policies of Boothe Global Perspectives):

For almost three decades we have been concerned about concentrations of power by news reporting agencies, and journalists who are dependent on, and profit by, corporate, political, and religious interests that are by nature, influenced by money, agendas and ideologies that may sometimes overwhelm truth. The fact that these companies, networks and individuals profit financially, and are dependent upon advertising for their livelihoods, creates conflicts of interest of journalistic standards. Also there are corrupt sources of wealth that strive to create a "spin" or hold back or create stories for their own agendas. This is also a corruption in our world. Boothe Global Perspective's journalistic standards clearly state that we do not accept payment for articles, and, as a primary journalistic standard, do not depend upon or accept paid advertising for particular stories or subjects. We accept no bribes or funds to publish or not to publish. Our journalism is "not for sale" and stresses objective and independent reporting with high journalistic standards from all sources. All of our writers are required to "Bring light" with a motive of "fiduciary responsibility to inform and do good to the public," therefore, no financial incentives for writing are provided. Truth, insight and a global perspectice of our world is our central goal. This may be unique and add to the excellence and appeal of Global Perspectives (

If you see the BOOTHE GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES logo or by-line, we trust you will see this as a seal of quality in our changing world.