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    Foreign Nations, Particularly Russia, and perhaps N. Korea and China, Manipulating US

    The recent disclosure of a US intelligence study, confirmed that "Russia has secretly spent hundreds of millions " to influence other nations 

    We have been suspicious of this, when we see the wording and messages of "talking heads" and "internet messages" in online chats.  Sometimes coming from old friends who listen to thoughts originated by enemies of the USA.   Because we publish "BOOTHE GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES" we receive many messages from people we do not know or recognize.  We attempt to check and research sources.  In many cases we have wondered, their grammar, intensity, and expressions that do not seem positive about our USA!

    Now we see this headline which confirms a Federal Study which confirms that some nations unfriendly to the US have been posting messages that are contrary to our National interest.  Some have spent millions of dollars to alter political views! Some of them seem to prey upon Americans who are unhappy with some traditional American political parties, and plant seeds of anger and anti American activities.  We wonder if the 12 or so radical groups, that led the insurrection on the US Congress, may have been encouraged and influenced by foreign interests on the internet. And they may have done so thinking that they were being patriots, when they may have been fed garbage from a foreign power. 

    See this quote in the Washington Post today, online: …


  • Sep 6, 2022 | Politics  

    Biden's anti-MAGA strategy is working

    Our thanks to these ideas from Max Boot in his article in the Washington Post, look it up and read it, it was posted on the internet. We suggest you Google it up and read the entire article. Max Boot has his facts and conclusions right on this. PROGRESS OR DO WE GO BACKWARDS? WE CALL FOR PROGRESS! BIDEN'S RECENT SPEECHES HAVE NEW, POWERFUL IDEAS...


  • Jun 27, 2022 | Politics  

    Judges Supposed to be the Nation's Highest Example on Ethics.

    Where did these clowns come from? We were always taught in school that of the three branches of Government, the Supreme Court was to be a "Supreme" example of ethics and judicial propriety. Our best, brightest, most honest end up here for the important legalities of our nation. Now we hear from Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine), and Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va...


  • May 6, 2022 | Politics  


    The unemployment rate, those without jobs in America, is at record lows. This is good news and a tribute to the Biden Administration's steady hand at the White House. The labor market has added 6.5 million new jobs this year and and is on pace to return to pre-pandemic levels this summer. Bit by bit, slow and steady Joe Biden has been shepherding the economy to slow and steady recovery...


  • Nov 28, 2021 | Politics  


    As one born in West Texas, our little town of Lamesa, had few Blacks, no Indians, and a lot of Hispanics. The Anglo population was the majority, and we all lived in the nice homes, owned the businesses and banks, and ran things...


  • Apr 17, 2021 | Politics  


    It seems like a daily news headline, "another mass shooting" and _____________ fill in the blank of where, how many, who, and most often omitted or unknown why? Indianapolis just had another "crazy" walk in an industrial building and kill 8 people in a Federal Express facility, then he killed himself. "American mass shootings" are increasing. More than 600 mass shootings happened in the USA in 2020...


  • Feb 27, 2021 | Politics  


    Is this one of your elected officials? Does she speak of killing politicians that she disagrees with? Does she follow strange cultism, or radical violent means to her ends? Is this your political base? They don't believe in facts, science, law and order? The just march blindly following the lead of who to destroy...


  • Feb 5, 2021 | Politics  


    President Biden and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, and economists coast to coast, tell us that the USA needs "economic stimulus now" to prime the pump for economic recovery, to reduce the damage and to pour more liquidity into the system. Seems that the hoped for bi-partisanship from right wing Republican Senators was lacking as this bill came forward and was debated until 4:00 AM...


  • Jan 13, 2021 | Politics  

    The U.S. House of Representatives Impeaches Donald J. Trump...again!

    For the first time, Donald Trump has set another historic precedent. He is the only U.S. President to be impeached two times, while still President of the USA. It happened today...


  • Dec 13, 2020 | Politics  

    Radical Groups Demonstrate in DC, several stabbed and injured

    VIOLENT GROUPS DEMONSTRATE IN WASHINGTON DC. STABBINGS AND RADICAL THREATS EXCHANGED BY THOSE WHO PREFER TO FORCE "THEIR TRUMP" TO WIN, IN SPITE OF MAJORITY OF VOTERS ELECTING JOE BIDEN. We call for a new day of peace and progress in future years, as a nation of Americans...not street fighters. These "fringe groups" seem to have a philosophy most unamerican, threatening, and almost illegal...


  • Dec 11, 2020 | Politics  

    Biden/Harris "Persons of the Year of 2020" Time Magazine

    President Elect Joe Biden and VP President Elect Kamala Harris win the coveted PERSONS OF THE YEAR award by Time Magazine, in the Dec 21, issue. Joe Biden had wanted to run for the Presidency several other times, only to be beat out by President Obama, and then became the Vice President...


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