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    President Biden and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, and economists coast to coast, tell us that the USA needs "economic stimulus now" to prime the pump for economic recovery, to reduce the damage and to pour more liquidity into the system.    Seems that the hoped for bi-partisanship from right wing Republican Senators was lacking as this bill came forward and was debated until 4:00 AM.  

    Finally, just before dawn an exhausted Senate offered a tie vote, 50 Republicans against, the new stimulus package and 50 Democrats for.  This seems a repeat of the gridlock and move of Hoover and  his Republicans just before and during the Great Depression.  Remember it took from 1929 to the onset of WWII to get our nation's economy going again, because the "Right Wing" just didn't understand how important economic stimulus and government action was required. Just at the periods when the economy needed more Government stimulus,  Republicans then pushed to do nothing, or worse even tightened the money supply.  The Great Depression followed and became worse, as food lines, millions without jobs, and massive business failures brought the nation down.  We do not need another GREAT DEPRESSION.

    History repeats in hard ways if we don't learn by it.  Thankfully, Vice President Harris cast the tie breaking vote, on 2/5/2021 and the Democrats got the bill passed, so that it now goes back to the House for reconciliation. 

    In the meantime, Americans are suffering, thousands of businesses broke, and we are all hoping for recovery.  Recovery needs stimulus.  Values, and appraisals, bank loans, growth, and of course jobs are all dependent on wise leadership and move from our elected officials.  The Republican Party seems to be divided by the ghosts of a president past, and further divided because a few outspoken extremists seem to want to follow, perhaps replace the ghost of a president past.  We hope that reality and the economic needs of the people will bring them around.   Note the following charts from the government, printed by the Washington Post 2/5/2021, they tell the economic status better than words. …


  • Jan 13, 2021 | Politics  

    The U.S. House of Representatives Impeaches Donald J. Trump...again!

    For the first time, Donald Trump has set another historic precedent. He is the only U.S. President to be impeached two times, while still President of the USA. It happened today...


  • Dec 13, 2020 | Politics  

    Radical Groups Demonstrate in DC, several stabbed and injured

    VIOLENT GROUPS DEMONSTRATE IN WASHINGTON DC. STABBINGS AND RADICAL THREATS EXCHANGED BY THOSE WHO PREFER TO FORCE "THEIR TRUMP" TO WIN, IN SPITE OF MAJORITY OF VOTERS ELECTING JOE BIDEN. We call for a new day of peace and progress in future years, as a nation of Americans...not street fighters. These "fringe groups" seem to have a philosophy most unamerican, threatening, and almost illegal...


  • Dec 11, 2020 | Politics  

    Biden/Harris "Persons of the Year of 2020" Time Magazine

    President Elect Joe Biden and VP President Elect Kamala Harris win the coveted PERSONS OF THE YEAR award by Time Magazine, in the Dec 21, issue. Joe Biden had wanted to run for the Presidency several other times, only to be beat out by President Obama, and then became the Vice President...


  • Nov 7, 2020 | Politics  


    We Ben and Saneh Boothe, publishers of BootheGlobalPerspectives, congratulate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on their victory, in the Presidential race! The largest vote count in the history of the USA. Biden said: "I will be the President for all Americans, not based upon political party...


  • Nov 2, 2020 | Politics  


    My wife and I visited the small Indiana town of Pendleton recently. It is a quaint beautiful town, with a traditional Main Street, lovely store fronts and old banks. We found a coffee shop, a great place to watch the "local natives", come in, many still with mud speckled overalls, and a lot of young people with computers...


  • Oct 13, 2020 | Politics  

    Amy Coney Barrett Answers at Judiciary Committee. We are impressed.

    1. She is intelligent : Amy Coney Barrett has answered questions by the Senate, in a calm, logical, competent manner. She didn't have to refer to notes. She repeatedly said that President Trump, or his associates had not demanded or requested a "prior commitment" on rulings as a Supreme Court Judge. 2. Legal and fair: She has said that she would make rulings in a legal matter, and fair matter...


  • Oct 6, 2020 | Politics  

    Mistakes Hoover's Great Depression, Trump Spins in his "5th Dimension" UPDATE

    Stunning contradictory announcement by President Trump, his decision to encourage economic negotiations, then to stop them abruptly, then last night, to again start efforts for economic help. Updated as of October 10th Somehow, on October 6&7. Trump again contradicted his own words...


  • Aug 15, 2020 | Politics  

    Benjamin Franklin was the first Postmaster General...he must be turning over in his grave.

    The Second Continental Congress appointed Benjamin Franklin the first postmaster general in 1775. But it was an idea as old as Augustus Caesar (62 BCE-14 CE), who organized the service (cursus publicus) and his "service" workers were provided with light carriages (rhedae) pulled by fast horses. Ancient Rome, realized that good communication, fast and free, would make a good nation a greater nation...


  • Jun 20, 2020 | Politics  

    Albert Pike, a Humanitarian Who Helped Millions

    It has been my pleasure to work and visit many nations around the globe. I have noticed that in Communist or Dictatorship oriented nations, that every time there is a regime change, or election of new leaders, the street names, statues, and "heroes" change...


  • Jun 18, 2020 | Politics  

    What is Antifa? What do scholars say that they stand for?

    A good friend, called me and started telling me about the dangers of Antifa, that they might be dangerous terrorists. So I tried to study and find out what this "Antifa" group is. One of the nation’s experts on Antifa, is Stanilav Vysotsky, a professor at University of Wisconsin, and an author of sociological books, one to be released soon on Antifa. He is a "go to" expert on Antifa...


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