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     The CNN article by Doug Criss said it well!  Not again.  The fourth school shooting this year, in the "safest city in Florida".  Another article in the New York Times said: "These kids lived in a nation that didn't love them enough to protect them".    We at Boothe Global Perspectives wrote an article 3 years ago, and then another later article suggesting that purchases of guns must be efficiently recorded into a central data base, and that no mentally ill person should be allowed to purchase deadly weapons, especially automatic assault weapons."  At that time he had so many "hate" letters, from a spectrum of our society that it amazed even us.  One bank president from Texas wrote that "We encourage all of our bank officers to have automatic weapons to protect us from the government!".  Another wrote challenging me to a fight.  Another wrote with so many obscenities, we will not quote them. 

    We again say that the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida makes us face the truth. Which do we love the most?  Our kids or our guns?

    We must ask those Republicans who have staunchly voted against measures to deal with this (who by the way are very silent) "Do you love gun companies, and assault weapons more than you love our children?"   The United States has more weapons in private ownership than any nation on earth, and we still see again and again, kids that are emotionally upset, not yet mature, killing other children.  It is understandable perhaps that sleazy criminal adults have guns, and use them.  We have a home in Albuquerque, New Mexico and not a day goes by without a shooting, murder, armed robbery, car-jacking, to the level that the crime rate in Albuquerque exceeds even that of Chicago.

    As a child I was a member of the National Rifle Association, and my father proudly taught me to hunt, to enjoy nature, and "to leave it as if you had never been there".  But as a decorated Marine of WWII, he staunchly considered the ownership of guns a matter of deep responsibility. If he ever saw me as much as load a weapon while in our home, or accidentally point a gun (loaded or not) in the direction of a human, he scolded and raised his voice, until we "got it".  But, at some point in my life, as much as I loved the "hunt" I began to hear other "hunters" bragging about their machine guns.  Later when I met Bill Ruger (family founded the Ruger Gun Company), in New Hampshire I got a new perspective.…


  • Nov 7, 2017 | Politics  

    New Tax Law Would Kill Tax Exempt Municipal Bonds, Killing Thousands of Jobs and Economic Development Projects

    H.J. Sims knows, because he has financed economic development projects throughout the nation. Municipal Bonds were created as tax-free interest investments to encourage local towns and counties -- public entities -- to be able to finance and find investors to make their convention centers, libraries, hospitals, airports, prisons and schools, possible, because there are investors for tax exempt securities...


  • Oct 8, 2017 | Politics  

    Trends Among Republican Leaders Leaning Against Trump

    A basic rule of politics in the USA is that a president should not do or say things that offend his own political party leaders. Trump has yet to learn this in his speeches, tweets and political announcements. We report interesting statements from Republicans, who one by one are managing courage or anger enough to speak out...


  • Aug 27, 2017 | Politics  

    WHAT WE CAN LEARN FROM HISTORY: CALIGULA, Emperor of the Roman Empire

    We at have found some interesting historical facts. We hope you enjoy and find these enlightening. Caligula - Roman Emperor 37-41 AD 1. Only slept three hours a night. 2. Made spontaneous pronouncements constantly. 3. Proclaimed his enormous wealth. 4. Told his mother that he could do anything and was above the law. 5...


  • Aug 17, 2017 | Politics  

    Business Executives Distancing Themselves from Trump

    We at saw this one coming. President Trump created several business advisory boards of leading CEOs in America with the stated purpose of advising him...


  • Aug 4, 2017 | Politics  

    Hubris Offensive to Millions

    While in West Texas last week, I met an interesting judge. He was the county judge. He impressed me as a competent and intelligent man, a man of integrity. I asked: "How does it feel to be the county judge? That must feel great to achieve the position, because you are an important man to this area." His answer was elegant and pure. "I have to be humble...


  • May 5, 2017 | Politics  

    TrumpCare Bill as Passed by the House Could Cost Local States and Cities Billions

    Comments from BootheGlobalPerspectives: Our credit goes to the Buffalo News, (Website below article) where we found this article posted on the internet. We recommend that you read the Buffalo News on this, as they have researched the subject thoroughly. It confirms something BootheGlobalPerspectives has predicted in earlier articles relating to the current Republican administration budget plans for the USA...


  • Apr 8, 2017 | Politics  

    War and Peace, to Fight or to Work Together? Let us remember our highest values.

    My father was a decorated U.S. Marine who had fought his way through the entire island chain of the Pacific in World War II. He was wounded in Iwo Jima, sent to a hospital in Hawaii, and then begged to be sent back to his unit. "My guys need me," he said...


  • Mar 16, 2017 | Politics  


    Forget politics liberal or conservative. Forget that you are Republican or Democrat. Be an American and follow the money. See where this government plans to spend your tax dollars. Here is the proposed budget, the gift to Americans, a firm written budget, devised by our elected officials living in the White House.

    Simply and without emotion, look at economic facts...


  • Mar 15, 2017 | Politics  

    Americans Need To Verify News These Days

    Americans today are deeply susceptible to a renunciation of reason and celebration of ignorance. They know what they know without reading, discussing or engaging those who might disagree with them. People from both sides of the aisle reject calm logic, eager to embrace the alternative news that supports their prejudices...


  • Feb 28, 2017 | Politics  

    George Washington on Acceptance and Tolerance AUG. 1790


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