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    The Little Red Pepper (A Tale About the Chili Star)

    The Little Red Pepper (The Chili Star)By Ben B. Boothe, Sr. (writing for the Chili Star) 

    I grew up on a farm in Mexico, and I remember how excited I was on harvest day. I had been growing and hanging around my pepper plant for months, and I was ready for a change of scenery.  

    First I heard the rumbling, and then I saw them! Trucks roared up, kicking up dust on the farm road to our farm. They screeched and rattled to a stop, and workers with Mexican sombreros poured out into the fields, picking us one by by one with their big calloused hands. Those hands were my way out of here, and so I welcomed the sight of them. 

    “What if they skip me or don’t pick me?” I wondered. “What if I am not red enough?”…


  • May 31, 2018 | Living  

    Marc Comstock, President SAG AFTRA New Mexico Interviewed by Big Sky Voices

    Marc is an experienced and accomplished actor. With credits in a number of films and TV series, he is also the president of SAG AFTRA, NM. SAG AFTRA is the largest union in the nation for actors. We are pleased to carry this article and the video in Marc is a quality man, quality actor and destined to be one of the "greats...


  • May 12, 2018 | Living  

    Marshall Bear Is Producing Another Movie

    Marshall Bear is an international economist and travels the world to help developing nations. His exposure to multiple cultures provides him a perspective that can be appreciated in his movie production efforts. He just returned from a trip to Africa, where he saw how much the movie industry is growing there, creating in some African nations over a million new jobs...


  • Apr 8, 2018 | Living  


    SANEH BOOTHE, MODERATOR OF PANEL OF WOMEN AT UNM FOR SAG AFTRA LED A SUCCESSFUL EVENT! Saneh Boothe, lecturer and panel moderator, directed the meeting with charm and poise. The presentation, “Surviving and Thriving in the Movie Industry,” was a realistic review of challenges and positive, thriving strategies by four successful women in the New Mexico movie world...


  • Apr 1, 2018 | Living  

    Gladys Hightower, a Tower of Song in Las Vegas, New Mexico

    I never knew her history or how she came to be the only black person at the First United Methodist Church in Las Vegas, New Mexico. But she was there, and had been a part of the church for many years before I discovered it. She always sat at the end of the second row pew on the west side. That had been her seat for decades, and no one disrespected her seat...


  • Mar 14, 2018 | Living  


    IVAN WIENER IS A CHARMING, MULTIFACETED MAN Video Interview: Ivan Wiener While talking with Robert Redford, Ivan said: "Why don't we do a film and music festival in Albuquerque?" "Let's go for it!" Redford said...


  • Jan 27, 2018 | Living  

    Antoine Predock is Famous for His Progressive and Sensitive Architecture

    Antoine Predock is famous for his progressive and sensitive architecture. For decades he has circled the globe designing and “watching over” his outstanding creation projects. For example, in Canada he spent 10 years working on a multi-storied glass building glowing with light. He calls it “Canada’s Human Rights statement.” Canada has long welcomed people of diversity...


  • Jan 7, 2018 | Living  

    Flu Wash Your Hands, Kill Infectious Germs Updated 2/7/2018

    With the most serious Flu epidemic in the USA decades, we reprint the article we posted in 2013, which has been viewed by thousands. Read it, print it, forward it, it may save lives. This article has been reprinted and spread all over the world, and we encourage that you give it to schools, offices, teachers, and health officials...


  • Dec 10, 2017 | Living  

    Cold Linoleum, #3 Galvanized Wash Tub, Warm Breakfast from Iron Skillet

    FIRST THOUGHTS UPON AWAKENING: Cold linoleum, #3 galvanized wash tub, warm breakfast -- all are warm memories of the mountain ranch The year was 1955, the place: grandma’s cattle ranch in the mountains near Weed, New Mexico. The memories now, almost seven decades later, are sharp. I can feel the cold air on my face upon waking up in our main ranch house at the Bluewater Ranch...


  • Nov 15, 2017 | Living  

    David Brewer and Stradivarius Violins on Big Sky Voices

    David Brewer is an accomplished violinist, a successful businessman, a respected consultant for buyers and sellers of the finest violins in the world. His company also restores and locates specific instruments for distinguished clients throughout the USA, Asia and Europe. He buys intelligently after thorough research and gets top dollar for what he sells. People find him trustworthy...


  • Nov 14, 2017 | Living  

    New Micro Clinics Sweeping the Country

    New Micro Clinics Sweeping the Country, by Ben B. Boothe (Ben Boothe's company , has appraised over 300 hospitals and clinics nationally. Boothe has served on the board of governors for the L.A. Shriner Children's Hospital for two years)...


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