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    My cast iron skillet is new, not aged and worn like Grandma’s.

    Grandma’s frying pan seemed as old as she was. She was particular about her black, iron cast frying pan, as I was to learn one day when I decided at the age of 10 to wash it.  I put it in a hot sink of sudsy detergent, and with a metal scratching pad, started rubbing the “black” off of the skillet.  She spoke up, loudly, and said, “Don’t touch that pan!” and took it out of my hand.

    “Child, I have spent years ‘seasoning’ that pan, and you are about to ruin it.”  She pointed at the small circle about the size of a quarter where I had scratched down to the shiny metal.  "It will take a year of hard cooking to fix that spot!”…


  • Mar 16, 2017 | Living  


    Veronica Tiller is a world-class person. What a pleasure to spend an hour with her and discuss economic development, the film industry, new jobs for youth and opportunities for Native Americans, particularly Native American children. Veronica was born the grand daughter of one of the great chiefs and co-founders of the Jicarilla Apache Nation in New Mexico...


  • Mar 2, 2017 | Living  


    THE FRAYED FLYSWATTER GANG (A true child's story) by Ben B. Boothe, Sr. I was in crisis. Trapped in our house with nowhere else to go, with inevitable pain coming at me, monsters of pain, just inches away. I anticipated the pain, anticipated the burning fluid flowing into my veins, delivered at the hands of one who I trusted and loved...


  • Feb 6, 2017 | Living  

    Solutions to the American Health Care System (From a Health Care Professional of 30+ years)

    Health Care: Providing the Best for the Most, 10 Solutions from a Health Care Professional When I first sat down to write an article on issues on American healthcare and Obamacare it dawned on me that everyone already knows what the problems are in the American Healthcare Act (or Affordable Healthcare Act). What we need are solutions...


  • Jan 21, 2017 | Living  

    Tucson SQUARE AND COMPASS Clinic a Model for Successful Health Care

    Van Elrod of Tucson, Arizona, and Joe Alvarado of Las Vegas, Nevada, are two outstanding Shriners who are leaders in child-care issues. Both are inspiring men who have given years of their lives to improving the health care of children. They are leading the way for new and innovative projects such as regional and local clinics for children...


  • Jan 4, 2017 | Living  

    Start Your New Year with a Privilege

    A Life and Death Story for Your New Year by Ben B. Boothe More than 17 years ago, busy with company business, I received a volunteer request in Fort Worth to “make some calls for Santa Claus” just before Christmas. I didn’t have time for such things, but this seemed to call to me, and I was compelled to check it out...


  • Nov 21, 2016 | Living  


    The Formative Rattlesnake (The impact of SuperDogs, Rattlesnakes and Cotton Chopping on Wall Street Careers) "I saw that rattlesnake and walked away from the farm" Granny declared. Her succinct statement was true but could not have described the broader implications. "I took my youngest baby Jim Bob and laid him on a blanket at the edge of the field, while I chopped cotton...


  • Nov 7, 2016 | Living  

    CASSOWARY HILL by David de Vaux an exciting international adventure!

    CASSOWARY HILL, by David de Vaux This remarkable book proves the adage, that often truth can best be told as a novel. David de Vaux, hails from Australia, but has worked in five nations, and I met him while he was working on this book, at a log home he built in the Sangre De Christo Mountains, of New Mexico. He is a brilliant and charming person...


  • Oct 31, 2016 | Living  

    So Far From Squaw Creek Farm, by Jerry and Donna Zimmerman

    Here we have a new book, refreshingly written by man and wife, telling the stories of their lives. Both are traveled and educated but their story is worth the telling because much of their energy has been devoted to helping children, through various charities, particularly the Shrine Hospitals for Children...


  • Oct 16, 2016 | Living  

    Pondering the Prodigious Perplexity of Life

    Stephen Hawking, the great physicist and Black Hole scholar, has an interesting conclusion in his best selling book, "A Brief History of Time." After 11 chapters exploring how the universe began, what made it possible, time and how it flows, quarks, black holes, antimatter, arrows of time, boundaries and dimensions of space, his chapter 12 concludes with a surprising philosophical question...


  • Sep 25, 2016 | Living  


    THE GREAT VICTORIES OF THE USA AND OTHER NATIONS OVER TERRORISM Let’s put this matter of terrorism in perspective. We at are seeing more and brighter victories for nations of peace and joy. History teaches us how terrorists and terrorist movements end up. #1...


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