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    Freezing weather with snow and ice hit Albuquerque with over 30 huge horizontal lightening bolts.    As the sky lit up, snow fell and the effect was a rare display of heavenly energy.

       "The sound and power of this cold front was unusual, the ground covered with snow and temperatures dropped from the 60% to 12 degrees" said Ben Boothe.  "We were amazed, went outside, and stood in the snow just to watch, when someone suggested that this might not be a good time to stand outside in the snow!"  said Ben.  So we found a bottle of Tito's Vodka, and thought to  raise a toast to this strange phenomena. We seemed to enjoy the light show even more after a "sip or two" of Tito's.  No doubt an experience of a lifetime.  2021 already has demonstrated news and unique events. 

    Someone noticed that the Vodka was distilled 6 times and was Gluten Free.  We figured after the "baptism of fire" from above, the snow falling upon us, a unique light and sound show, we were all happy that even the Vodka was distilled multiple times, just like the lightening came again and again.   At the moment with skies filled with snow, lightening, noise and power, that it was appropriate to drink something distilled so many times.  What a delightful and happy winter night, it turned out to be.   …


  • Dec 14, 2020 | Living  

    Vaccines first in England, and then in the USA

    USA is now getting the vaccines from Phizer, with jets, UPS trucks and a massive distribution effort. Hospitals, hospital workers, and retirement homes for elderly are the first delivery points. The nation has been "holding it's breath" waiting for the vaccines finally to arrive, and there is some hope now that we will really see this as the "beginning of the beginning of the end"...


  • Dec 1, 2020 | Living  

    Can Zinc and other Vitamins Help Fight or help prevent COVID? Many believe so.

    Many people believe that Zinc may help build up immunity to the Corona Virus. I was in West Texas, checking out farmlands, and a farm owner told me this story: "I was working next to a lady for a week. The next day my daughter worked beside her for a day, and caught Covid 19. Another friend worked with her the next day, and she went down with Corona Virus...


  • Nov 17, 2020 | Living  




  • Oct 24, 2020 | Living  

    What will the "New America" look like in 2021?

    We have heard many experts suggest that the United States will be changed, and the future is still to be written. I write this from Indianapolis while sitting in Starbucks, beside a corporate executive. He told me a local story about "his city"...


  • Oct 2, 2020 | Living  

    Message to Donald and Melania Trump from Ben and Saneh Boothe

    To: Donald and Melania Trump: We wish you both a speedy recovery . Now you join the ranks of millions of others who have been touched by Corona. Rest, get better and we know that adversity often leads to wisdom and a deeper perspective on life...


  • Sep 11, 2020 | Living  

    Boy and His Dog Found Together, Killed By Fire

    This one got to me. It does not diminish the loss and pain for the many others who have lost so much in the uncontrolled wildfires "out west", but I can just imagine that boy, trying to save his dog, and the dog trying to save "his boy". Wyatte Tofte, 12, was found dead alongside his dog as wildfires swept through Oregon...


  • Jul 27, 2020 | Living  

    Some Things Last, Some Renew, Encouraging Lasting Reminders

    This live shot was taken during a video, and posted on the internet recently. "Ah, Mother Liberty is still standing tall!" I thought, albeit she may be "charged up" a little, as she holds the torch of freedom high. Notice the voltage runs, uninterrupted completely down the side of our Statue of Liberty...


  • Jun 27, 2020 | Living  

    Persistence, tub stickers, crisis survival (tools proven successful for a century)

    Persistence, tub stickers, crisis survival (tools proven successful for a century) My ancestors who survived the years from 1918-1929 developed effective, marvelous tools and methods. They not only survived, they thrived while creating a legacy of success still enjoyed by family beneficiaries 102 years later...


  • Jun 15, 2020 | Living  

    Hold onto Lena Superceeds the multiple layers of conflict in our world

    Hold on to Lena my son.... A new song, written by a talented writer/singer tells a story. A mother from Latin America, wants to see her young daughter and son, escape the poverty and corruption of life in the poorest and most corrupt part of Latin America. She tells her son, (which becomes the chorus), "Hold on to Lena my son!" They travel by foot, with no money, no food, for miles and miles...


  • Jun 4, 2020 | Living  

    Progressive Farmer Editor Shared this Great Article, Enjoy!

    Comment from Ben Boothe: This Pandemic may remind us of how fragile our "food chain" is. Yesterday I was with a farmer who has 15 farms in Oklahoma, a very bright and hard working farmer. He told me that he had to kill hundreds of hogs, because the cost of feeding and caring for them became so expensive. Prices dropped because demand for pork dropped...


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