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    Antoine Predock is Famous for His Progressive and Sensitive Architecture

    Antoine Predock is famous for his progressive and sensitive architecture. For decades he has circled the globe designing and “watching over” his outstanding creation projects. For example, in Canada he spent 10 years working on a multi-storied glass building glowing with light. He calls it “Canada’s Human Rights statement.” Canada has long welcomed people of diversity.

    Saneh Boothe, Chair of the New Mexico SAG AFTRA committee said:“Antoine Predock is a great man. His voice speaks through his architectural designs.”

    The Canadian building design speaks of “the light of human rights," -- truly a masterpiece.…


  • Jan 7, 2018 | Living  

    Flu Wash Your Hands, Kill Infectious Germs Updated 2/7/2018

    With the most serious Flu epidemic in the USA decades, we reprint the article we posted in 2013, which has been viewed by thousands. Read it, print it, forward it, it may save lives. This article has been reprinted and spread all over the world, and we encourage that you give it to schools, offices, teachers, and health officials...


  • Dec 10, 2017 | Living  

    Cold Linoleum, #3 Galvanized Wash Tub, Warm Breakfast from Iron Skillet

    FIRST THOUGHTS UPON AWAKENING: Cold linoleum, #3 galvanized wash tub, warm breakfast -- all are warm memories of the mountain ranch The year was 1955, the place: grandma’s cattle ranch in the mountains near Weed, New Mexico. The memories now, almost seven decades later, are sharp. I can feel the cold air on my face upon waking up in our main ranch house at the Bluewater Ranch...


  • Nov 15, 2017 | Living  

    David Brewer and Stradivarius Violins on Big Sky Voices

    David Brewer is an accomplished violinist, a successful businessman, a respected consultant for buyers and sellers of the finest violins in the world. His company also restores and locates specific instruments for distinguished clients throughout the USA, Asia and Europe. He buys intelligently after thorough research and gets top dollar for what he sells. People find him trustworthy...


  • Nov 14, 2017 | Living  

    New Micro Clinics Sweeping the Country

    New Micro Clinics Sweeping the Country, by Ben B. Boothe (Ben Boothe's company , has appraised over 300 hospitals and clinics nationally. Boothe has served on the board of governors for the L.A. Shriner Children's Hospital for two years)...


  • Nov 7, 2017 | Living  

    Daniel Williams Featured on BigSkyVoices, You Tube, and Boothe Global Perspectives

    Daniel Williams has been an actor, writer and producer and has been seen in TV commercials, feature series such as Longmire, and movie works from 2012 to the present. He is an exceptional individual with an exceptional face, especially for Westerns. Plus he has donated much of his time teaching students of film and has helped produce more than 100 movies...


  • Oct 26, 2017 | Living  

    Tom Schuch Interviewed on Big Sky Voices

    Tom Schuch, who can be seen on "set" as Einstein, is an important man with vision and influence in the film and movie industry. He was the president of SAG-AFTRA of New Mexico for 10 years and has been active in plays, stage productions, T.V. episodes, movies and more. He also is a man with a certain charm, a soft intelligent manner, and the type of guy you don't mind following...


  • Sep 27, 2017 | Living  

    Addictions, Quality of Life and Meditations on Peace

    American Quality of Life With Some Issues I. THE WALMART EPIDEMIC : What kind of shape are Americans in? I did a subjective study in Walmart a few days ago. For one hour, I observed and visually evaluated every person who walked by. Three hundred forty two people walked by. These were my observations...


  • Sep 25, 2017 | Living  


    The Blackbird Saloon in Los Cerrillos, New Mexico a delicious place
    On the “Turquoise Trail," the little town of Los Cerrillos is on the back road from Santa Fe to Albuquerque. This is a trip off of the Interstate, and if you are like me, that in itself is a singular pleasure. From time to time, we at find an interesting place or meet special people...


  • Sep 6, 2017 | Living  

    Houston: Random Thoughts from a Dry Canoe

    THE DRY CANOE I had a yearning to go to Houston, and headed that direction. My wife said, “You’ll get yourself drowned,” but I kept being drawn and wanted to help. It occurred to me that my little canoe wasn’t going to be much help, but still I could write and reflect. Truthfully, I didn't manage to get to slog through the water and rescue anyone...


  • Aug 20, 2017 | Living  


    The image of cancer cells dividing and running amok inside one's body has plagued people for years. The "Big C," or incurable monster, may soon be treatable if not cured. This is an important subject, and we invite you to read it and forward the article to your friends, or click this live link: . Or try: . This could be a life saver for some readers...


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