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    Trump Team Shrinking Bears Ears, Coal vs Environment, Big Money Wins Again

    In Utah, the Bear's Ears National Monument is about to experience the largest "shrinkage" of national land under federal protection in history. It is north of the Grand Canyon of Arizona, and located west of Colorado in Utah.  It is incredible country in the scope and for the fact that it has always been "sacred" and open, undeveloped nature, makes it even more special. 

    Trump's team, led by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has proposed shrinking this unique and scenic  federally 'Protected" area, from 1,350,000 acres to 160,000 acres. The idea is devastating to the Navajo Indian tribe adjacent to it. They have long considered these scenic lands sacred and special. They do not want to see the lands crisscrossed by mining roads or commercial traffic. What is the allure? Some ranchers and local politicians want to open it up so that potential business, recreational companies, mining companies and possibly even resort companies and developers can make it a commercial area. If this is allowed, it could be a precedent to open the gates to the nation's protected lands to allow our parks, forests and special places to become commercial and industrial development centers.

    Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has already made proposals to "shrink" protected lands to President Trump. No president has ever reduced a monument by such a large volume of land. The President is expected to approved these recommendations from his Interior Secretary.…


  • Aug 10, 2017 | Environment  

    Hottest Global Temperatures, Most Extreme Storms, Highest CO2 CONFIRMED BY SCIENCE

    The USA and the planet had the hottest year in history, setting yet another record in 2016. Plus, concentrations of CO2 were the highest in 800,000 years of ice core measurements. We at have been reporting the science on this for years. We recommend that you pay attention. Some cities are already seeing water in the streets at high tides or storm tides along our coastal areas...


  • Jun 6, 2017 | Environment  

    Good Time to Think About Doves

    THE DOVE IN OUR COURTYARD By Ben B. Boothe, Sr., Publisher, This dove has “claimed” the Boothe courtyard, and I took this photo today. When I was a child sitting in the back yard with my grandmother in O'Donnell, Texas, a dove flew over, circled our yard and landed on a tree branch above us. “Oh that is good luck!” Grandma cried out...


  • May 31, 2017 | Environment  


    There are strong forces fighting for different opinions on the global environmental accords. It seems that there are those in the Trump Administration who do not believe the science of environmental warming. More than 99 percent of reputable scientists, throughout the world who have researched this, state that the facts are overwhelming, our Earth is growing warmer with the advent of the industrial age...


  • Apr 17, 2017 | Environment  


    We give credit to Chelsea Harvey and the Washington Post for this article which we found on line. Climate change could destroy far more Arctic permafrost than we thought — which would worsen climate change. Global Perspective notes as GPN. By (GPN: Just drive to Colorado, or New Mexico and look at some of the highest mountains. We are driving up to this mountain in a few days...


  • Jan 16, 2017 | Environment  


    New trends in farming. We at are seeing more and more farmers, in the USA and around the world, converting their farmlands from traditional crops to with solar panels. has expanded the money-making power and brought in new opportunities for farm, ranch and land owners...


  • Sep 14, 2016 | Environment  

    Sunflowers have a circadian clock. How they follow the sun.

    Credit and thanks go out to Christina Beck of The Christian Science Monitor for posting this article online. We at have long studied Sunflowers, grown them on our family farm in West Texas, and even grew a greenhouse lab plant that was huge, nearly 16 feet tall. They are amazing plants. Thus with this article we share just a little "Sunlight" with you...


  • Jun 17, 2016 | Environment  

    Atmosphere hits Highest Carbon Rates, A Milestone in History

    The atmosphere has hit a grim milestone — and scientists say we'll never go back 'within our lifetimes' PHOTO ABOVE: Domes housing solar sensors at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii, where the longest global record of atmospheric carbon dioxide has been compiled. [University Corp...


  • May 7, 2016 | Environment  

    Ghosts of the Sangre De Christos

    GHOSTS OF THE SANGRE DE CHRISTOS By Ben B. Boothe, Sr. I think the sign intrigued me, motivated me to try harder. “DO NOT ENTER. VIOLATORS WILL BE SHOT,” the hand painted sign said. There was a gate, wired closed, daring me to come through. “This is a marked forest trail.” I thought. “Why would anyone be so intent on keeping people out?” I made inquiries...


  • Mar 30, 2016 | Environment  


    THE GREEN FIRE STILL BURNING? WHO WILL CARRY THE TORCH AND BUY SKIP WHITSON'S MASTERPIECE I first met Skip Whitson, in 2010, in a cafe on Cerrillos Drive, Santa Fe, New Mexico. In walked this tall man with a western hat, jeans, a vest and a western style cotton shirt, carrying a bundle of Green Fire Times newspapers. He had a pony-tail...


  • Sep 19, 2015 | Environment  

    Elephants Shot Travel to Humans for Help. What Happened Next?

    We at give our compliments and credit to the author for writing this report. David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Desperate Elephants Shot With Poison Arrows Travel To Humans For Help By 17 September 2015 Last month, a wild elephant and two of his friends were attacked by poachers...


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