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    New Oil and Gas Drilling on the way? Lots of smoke, is there fire? Some hopeful logic.

    There are some indications that oil and gas companies are planning and ramping up for increased drilling activity in Texas and New Mexico. When EXXON paid $5.2 Billion dollars for oil and gas leases, many in the Carlsbad, NM area, some figured the big boys are getting ready to drill. Then another contract was signed for $1 billion + for another group of drilling rights.  If you speak to oil men in Hobbs, Clovis, Carlsbad, and other oil patches of the Permian Basin, you will find people hiring, buying equipment and preparing for activity. 

    BootheGlobalPerspectives checked with Baker and Hughes and the data out of the Permian Basin and made several calls to interview experts. Part of this appears to be substantial and real. We spoke to suppliers and service providers who said that they have had recent calls from the oil and gas industry to "get ready for increased activity."  Also we have spoken to oil drillers and investors from Texas to New Mexico and found that they, too, anticipate more activity. We recently saw reports of a new pipeline and processing company that is starting a new "hub" in Carlsbad, New Mexico, "to deal with increased demand and better serve our customers" according to the company's news release.

    The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce gave an overview of what and how they attract new industry:  "State incentives are available based on industry and employee type, as well as local incentives like no municipal impact fees and Industrial Revenue Bonds (IRBs). Carlsbad continues its unprecedented market growth, as both industrial and retail sectors are expanding. Carlsbad, in Eddy County, has been leading oil production in the state of New Mexico for three years, and Eddy County continues to rank high in the nation for oil production."  


  • Dec 21, 2016 | Energy  

    Las Vegas Nevada Now Powered by Renewable Energy

    All Las Vegas city facilities, from government buildings to streetlights, are now running entirely on renewable energy, city officials have announced. “We can brag that the city, this city of Las Vegas, is one of the few cities in the entire world that can boast of using all of its power from a green source,” Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman said in a news conference Monday...


  • Aug 28, 2016 | Energy  

    News from PGOB Blast, Oil Production Increasing in Texas and New Mexico

    Credit to our friends in West Texas for the attached news about increased oil production. This confirms our personal and independent conversations with producers who tell us that "activity is up, and the Permian Basin is hot again...


  • Jul 5, 2016 | Energy  


    We at thought you should see this article, by Michael McDonald of

    It is thought provoking and goes beyond the temporary Saudi Arabian impacts on oil and gas pricing for

    the world. While no one can predict with absolute accuracy how markets will behave, this chart shows

    that the fastest growing demand for energy is from Asia...


  • Apr 12, 2016 | Energy  


    The average person in the United States spends over $2200 per year, in travel energy, (gas for your car for example), plus $800 per person for home lights, AC, heating. If you have a family of 4, you are spending, on average over $12,000 per year, for energy. You could give yourself a sizable raise just by using solar, or by putting more insulation in your house...


  • Sep 11, 2015 | Energy  

    Oil Rig Count Down in Texas and New Mexico. Overall USA 864 rigs now vs 1,925 last year.

    Houston-based Ajax Resources, a new exploration and production company backed by Kelso & Co. of New York, acquired 25,800 net acres in the Permian Basin from another Houston company, W&T Offshore, for $376.1 million. The assets are located in the Yellow Rose field in Andrews, Martin, Gaines and Dawson counties...


  • Aug 29, 2015 | Energy  

    Oil, OPEC, and the $900 Billion Mistake

    OPEC’s $900 Billion Mistake By
    Posted on Mon, 24 August 2015 19:59 | 9 With WTI falling below $40 and perhaps heading for $20, one needs to wonder if ? Why are they following this course and what are their goals? The face value explanation, accepted by many, is that OPEC is protecting market share especially against rampant supply growth in the OECD, namely in the US LTO (light tig


  • May 20, 2015 | Energy  

    Texas Law Prohibits Local Cities from Regulating and Banning Fracking

    One of the things that I have appreciated about Republicans, is their desire to allow the people to be left alone and to encourage individual rights and local regulation instead of centralized laws. Republicans have been saying that they promote the desire and the rights of individuals without Government telling them how to live or what they can or cannot do...


  • May 12, 2015 | Energy  

    Drilling Rig Count Continues to drop in the USA. Where is the most oil and gas in the USA?

    Rig count continue to drop in the USA. We at continue to monitor the price of oil and gas. Oil hit $60, the highest in several months, but natural gas continues to be very low. It appears that Saudi Arabia continues to put pressure on prices by high production, in an attempt to increase their "market" production...


  • Apr 26, 2015 | Energy  

    U.S. Drilling Rig Count Down To Lowest Since 2009 Saudia Arabia Got It's Way.

    News from the Permian Basin U.S. rig count falls below 1,000 in April for first time since 2009
    The Permian Basin lost six more drilling rigs in the past week, according to oilfield services firm Baker Hughes of Houston, and the rig count in the U.S. fell below 1,000 this month for the first time since 2009...


  • Mar 26, 2015 | Energy  

    Soon A Texas Town Will Run On 100 Percent Renewable Energy...Why not yours?

    We give credit to Popular Science and Mary Beth Griggs for this article, and have reprinted it from internet sources. We thought the article important and of interest to our readers. We wish to encourage people to look at Popular Science, and follow Mary Beth Griggs for other stimulating articles. We have also added comments from our sources...


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