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    Evidence of Economic Impacts and Cost/Rewards from Tariff and Trade War Policies

    President Trump Holds Cabinet Meeting At White House

    From the Publisher:  We have been watching for a scholarly and non-political evaluation of impacts of the tariff and trade war policies. Finally, we offer two articles, one from Bloomberg Financial reporting of a study by reputable economists and universities, and another from the Huffington Post. We give them full credit.  BBB

    Economics  from Bloomberg

    March 4, 2019, 10:32 AM MST  

    President Donald Trump regularly declares that he’s winning his trade wars. Yet evidence is growing that the U.S. economy is a net loser so far.…


  • Feb 11, 2019 | Business  


    Our credit and thanks to Mary Papenfuss, writer of Huffington Post, for this article which confirms independent research of We have always believed in the "heartland," and American farmers represent the heartland of the United States of America. Therefore we watch the economic issues of farmers...


  • Feb 5, 2019 | Business  

    At Wells Fargo, a Saint Emerges (who understands what it means to be a good banker)

    Wells Fargo Bank survived the scandals of 2018 and hopes for better things for 2019. It brought some of the scandals on itself. But there are problems facing the bank in 2019. T he Federal Reserve has told the bank to stop growing. Many observers watched as CEO Tim Sloan was castigated publicly when Senator Warren demanded he be fired...


  • Dec 18, 2018 | Business  

    Alan Greenspan (Former Fed Chair) Says: "THE PARTY'S OVER ON WALL STREET"

    Credit to Washington (CNN Business), 12/28/2018 Alan Greenspan says the party's over on Wall Street. The former Federal Reserve chairman who famously warned more than two decades ago about "irrational exuberance" in the stock market doesn't see equity prices going any higher than they are now...


  • Dec 13, 2018 | Business  

    Wave of New Residential Foreclosures Across America PASS THIS ON TO YOUR INVESTORS

    There is an interesting, unexpected wave of increased foreclosure filings for residential properties in the United States. Los Angeles recently showed a 20 percent increase in foreclosure filings. Houston was up 76 percent. Philadelphia, Miami and San Francisco were up 10 percent...


  • Nov 25, 2018 | Business  

    Oil Price Drops: Trends for last 12 months.

    The price of oil has dropped rapidly. Global reports show that supply is rising faster than demand. We see several reasons for this but will defer to published data. You may call Ben Boothe, who offers appraisals, valuations and feasibility studies. He can provide in-depth information and reports. Our reports can include oil, water, land, industrial development and values...


  • Oct 25, 2018 | Business  

    Study of the Flow of Capital Around the World is Enlightening, Capital Flows = Value Appreciation

    Our thanks to Dr. Richard Barkham for his insights into capital flows to and from the USA. He gave us permission to use some of his research. It seems that the direction of capital flows has a lot to do with determining growth economies and the health of financial sectors. We recommend that you write Dr. Barkham and read some of his other studies...


  • Sep 6, 2018 | Business  

    House Prices Continue to Increase. Another American Dream Disturbed by Politicians?

    When the new tax law was passed, a few provisions were of great concern. We at are concerned that higher and higher tax burdens transferred from the federal government by the new tax law to local communities and individuals might eventually have a negative impact on value and appeal of some properties...


  • Aug 18, 2018 | Business  

    "METoo Movement" Another point of view by Katie Packer Beeson, US NEWS & WORLD REPORT

    Katie Packer Beeson is a contributing Editor for Opinion, she writes for U.S. News and World Report. She gave BootheGlobalPerspectives permission for us to quote and reprint her opinion published in the magazine in 2018 as cited...


  • Jul 1, 2018 | Business  

    Economists Predict Recession (YIELD CURVE TRENDS)

    We at Global Perspectives have been seeing more and more attention and predictions relating the the "yield curve spread." Normally, short-term interest rates are low and long-term interest rates much higher. But now (July 2018), short-term interest rates are very near long-term rates...


  • May 23, 2018 | Business  

    Oil Prices Soaring

    If you haven’t noticed, oil prices are above $70. With increased friction by the U.S. toward Iran, social and economic problems in Venezuela as well as uncertainty over North Korea, fear is a strong influence to move oil prices up. Then Israel has worked to make an agreement with Russia that if Israel is attacked by Iran, Russia will defend Israel...


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