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    This replica reminds us of the thousands of ways, a smart, intelligent leader can find to create new opportunity and success, as the economy recovers. 

    We at BBAR Inc., have researched how many franchises, national and regional have failed, filed bankruptcy, or simply closed. Some of these will never reopen, some are looking for investors to come in and try to rebuild new companies. Some may need appraisals and feasibility studies to guide the way. 

    You have a thousand ways to realize that many new fortunes, are founded when economic times are at their worst.   Timing, research, intelligent decisions, and well made plans are important.…


  • Nov 12, 2020 | Business  

    RV Parks and Mobile Home Parks...Market Values, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, TX

    11/12/2020 Ben,We have brand new market DATA of Mobile Home Parks and RV parks, sales data, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas This is new, current market data, MH and RV parks


  • Sep 14, 2020 | Business  


    I had just interviewed Dewie Clark, farmer of 3 decades in West Texas, and was thinking of writing an article about the current plight of farming in the United States...


  • Sep 7, 2020 | Business  

    Interest Rates, To Go Up or Down or BOTH!!

    With the Federal Reserve Bank saying it will "freeze rates", there are other indicators that non Federal Reserve Rates may be allowed to increase. Indeed, the Fed seems to want to stimulate inflation...better than deflation...and then the Government will be repaying all of this multi trillion dollar debt with "inflated dollars"...


  • Sep 4, 2020 | Business  

    Health Care Problems, Rising Costs and Hospital Management issues in America

    This article written from our research, our industry studies as commercial appraisers, consultants, and also sources such as the New York Times, Foreign Affairs, and the Wall Street Journal. Our Credit to these sources and other news and internet information sources for publishing information in internet and other venues for public consumption...


  • Jul 9, 2020 | Business  

    Rebuild America's Supply Chains and Long Term Program to Increase "Made in America"

    FINALLY, LONG TERM, WELL THOUGHT OUT SOLUTIONS TO SYSTEMATICALLY REBUILD AND RE-ENERGIZE AMERICAN PRODUCTION NEW IDEAS TO BUILD OUR NATION: From a businessman's perspective, of economic development of the USA, Joe Biden's plan to systematically promote and provide incentives to increase "Made in America" and to buy American Made goods is excellent...


  • Jul 1, 2020 | Business  

    U. S. Debt Highest in American History, Since January of 2017 to 2020.

    Our compliments to Investopedia, in the 2020 Presidential Election Guide, and Debt Consolidation .com, for statistical information this report. Because the data reports the U.S. Government debt as of April 13, 2020 to be $24.22 TRILLION. $24,220,000,000,000 TRILLION. THE NATIONAL DEBT OF THE U.S.A. has increased more than 21% since Donald Trump took office in January of 2017...


  • Jun 10, 2020 | Business  

    Irony of History, How a Pandemic of 102 years ago, Impacted New York and America Today.

    IRONIC BITS OF HISTORY, AND HOW A FLU MAY HAVE IMPACTED A NATION I WAS READING Laura Spinney’s fascinating book: Pale Rider, The Spanish Flu of 1918 and How it Changed the World. My great grandfather died of the Spanish Flu in 1918, and so I was fascinated by this book...


  • Jun 8, 2020 | Business  

    Well, It's Official, the USA is now in a Recession...Can something good come of this?

    After 128 months of expansion (over 10 years, including 7 years of recovery during the Obama Administration), and officially 3.6 years of expansion during the Trump Administration, the U.S. Economy has fallen into an abrupt and brutal recession, with the highest unemployment seen in over 50 years in America. Americans never dreamed of "lines going for over 2 miles" for free food...


  • Feb 16, 2020 | Business  

    Another Epidemic Hitting Hard, Rolling from the Top Down, in Business and Politics.

    TRUTH DECAY ...A new theme of study of the Rand Corporation, one of the world's leading "Think and Research Centers". Epidemic Definition: We are not speaking of a "medical epidemic" although that is on a lot of minds these days. That one is "A widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time...


  • Jan 3, 2020 | Business  


    TRUMP TARIFFS HAVE HURT U.S. MANUFACTURING, COST AMERICAN JOBS: FEDERAL RESERVE ECONOMISTS CREDIT ARTICLE SOURCES TO THE HUFFINGTON POST AND FEDERAL RESERVE “We find that tariff increases enacted in 2018 are associated with relative reductions in manufacturing employment and relative increases in producer prices,” the economists concluded...


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