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    STABILITY IS CRITICAL FOR THE USA  (An Economic Look at Impacts of Turmoil)

    BY: Ben B. Boothe, Sr.  (President


    Economic stability is something that brings confidence and which defines credit ratings, interest rates and the willingness of other nations to invest in our bonds and our nation. …


  • Oct 17, 2017 | Business  

    Trump Plans to Build More Prisons because of Thousands of Arrests in the USA

    The Headline of USA TODAY SAYS IT ALL Ben Boothe and Associates is one of the more experienced prison appraisers in the USA. “We have appraised prisons from coast to coast and typically can complete a prison appraisal in 12 to 20 days,” Boothe says. The company also provides environmental reports , Phase I and NEPA studies to allow prisons to comply with Federal Law ...


  • Oct 12, 2017 | Business  

    Liesette Paisner Bailey, Director of Santa Fe Independent Film Festival, Great Event!

    The Santa Fe Independent Film Festival is located in a perfect place, a part of the building that houses the classic Jon Chocteau theater next door. If that is not enough, you must walk in and feel the energy. We were there to interview Liesette Paisner Bailey, the director of the Independent Film Festival...


  • Oct 11, 2017 | Business  

    Jon Hendry Brings New Observations to Big Sky Voices about the Movie Industry

    Jon Hendry helped write the laws and regulations for the movie industry in the State of New Mexico. He is a dynamic man -- intelligent, fearless and energetic. As head of IATSE Local 480, he is a union leader who really believes in creating jobs, fighting for his union members, and protecting people from unfair wages...


  • Sep 28, 2017 | Business  

    Catharine Pilafas: Filmmaker, Actress and Yogi with her "hair on fire"

    Catharine Pilafas recounts a story when, as a child, whe was on stage with her mother in the audience. In the above video, you will see why the phrase "Hair on fire". Cat describes how her purse somehow caught a spark and was afire, as her mother was almost having a heart attack, watching in the audience Cat continued to speak her lines. Amazingly, she put out the fire, she never lost a beat...


  • Jun 23, 2017 | Business  

    Home Ownership Still a Great Path to Wealth

    HOME OWNERSHIP A GREAT PATH TO WEALTH By Ben B. Boothe, Sr. Remember the game “MONOPOLY,” and how the winners typically were the ones who could buy real estate and then make money charging rents to others? The idea of buying real estate early and often is still a good way to create wealth...


  • Jun 15, 2017 | Business  

    BIG SKY VOICES Interviews Michael Holt, Hollywood Insider

    Michael Holt has worked with the great stars over his career in the movie industry. He has been with Paramount and Universal and worked for two decades as a production manager for Sony. Thus it was a pleasure to have Michael Holt on "BIG SKY VOICES" (Big Sky Voices YouTube ) program for an interview...


  • May 5, 2017 | Business  

    Apple to Put $1 Billion Toward Encouraging U.S. Manfacturing

    has more cash than most nations on Earth. From its $200+ BILLION in cash holdings, it is providing a gift to the future of jobs and economy of the United States. We find Apple's decision to be one of the most refreshing and uplifting things we have witnessed in big business in decades. Apple actually has come up with a positive solution for the future economy of the USA, and is funding it...


  • Apr 11, 2017 | Business  


    United Airlines wanted to provide seats on a flight for four of its employees from Chicago O'Hare to Kentucky, so they forced four people who had already paid for tickets and boarded the flight to get off of the plane. One of them said he was a doctor and needed to be on the flight so that he could treat patients in the morning...


  • Apr 7, 2017 | Business  


    Teddy Roosevelt was a great communicator. I think of him often, as it has been my privilege to speak to groups throughout the USA and in several other nations. I have worked with Merrill Lynch and financial institutions from Wall Street to Texas. I have founded or was an officer or president of banks. I have worked with the World Bank, USIS and USIA...


  • Mar 24, 2017 | Business  

    Economic Implications of President Trump's Proposed Budget for America

    A national budget is a way of interpreting political direction and motives in an economic way. I have organized, founded and managed banks. Let me assure you that economists and bankers know that a clear way to get to know a customer, company, or nation that wants to borrow money is to learn to read the client's "budget" and financial projections like a book...


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