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    Our Economy and TRENDS as we head for Thanksgiving, Christmas, 2021-2022.


    We predicted 8 months ago, that the USA would experience a growing, recovering, even booming economy in late 2021 and early 2022. New house values, surpassed even our expectations. Multifamily, apartments, have become a favorite of long term 'conservative' investors. Thousands of businesses that closed their doors have reopened, and used innovative changes to survive and recover!   Companies are planning new expansions, new products, new stock offerings. Behind the closed doors of conference rooms, on Wall Street, brilliant men are making new plans. Just imagine, Intel announced $3.2 billion to expand their chip making capacity. Netflix is now on track to make over 1,000 movies for TV and internet consumption. Amazon is building huge giant distribution facilities all over the nation, like the 500,000 s.f. new facility in Albuquerque. Facebook is revamping on multiple levels to "remake" and expand their client base. General Motors, Ford, and don't forget Tesla are changing the automotive electric "fueling power stations" coast to coast.   Our world is evolving and changing before our eyes. Get on board or get left behind.   My advice. Don't let negative people, especially negative politicians, pull you down. This is a time to grow and prosper. We who focused on the future, are focused on new ways to expand and make profits. Politics has become a toxic thing, if you are trying to motivate and inspire people to join in economic expansion. Remember, friends and relationships can easily be destroyed by politics...just avoid the "nay" and "no crowd" and focus on progress.  


    THE ECONOMY IS SPRINGING BACK. Slowly there is another positive trend. Slowly, one by one, politicians are beginning to vote as "Americans" instead of Republicans or Democrats. One by one, instead of marching in "locked step", we are seeing some courageous elected officials to vote for progress instead of the "grid lock" of the past 9 years. Voting for things such as "infrastructure, roads, bridges, highways, funding for schools, education" programs to help every American tangibly.   I constantly call people smarter than me who I trust and ask questions. It is a secret weapon. My "brilliant" advisers and thinkers, here and in D.C., Texas, Georgia, California, Arizona, Minnesota, New York, all tell me they feel something positive in our nation. There is a vibration, a feeling of excellence and new thinking running like a river through business circles. People are tired of social conflict, tired on the weary bloodshot old school of leaders who would rather fight than move forward. Bright, young and energetic business leaders are out there investing in the future, making plans for new products, new types of highway systems, new types of autos, new types of fuels, new types of housing, new types of commercial business, more high technology making some of those office skyscrapers, into condos, conference centers, and communication centers where thousands can work remotely. But if they have to drive, in new innovated transportation systems, safer autos, and more efficient road designs. I was just reading about how much money, "traffic circles" are saving cities in Indiana, wrecks down, fewer waits at signal lights, more efficient traffic one town has gone from 5 to over 70 "round-abouts" at intersections. Saves time, fuel, the cost of signal lights...someone there is thinking and moving on their good research.   Joe, There is a time for courage, innovation, deep thinking and a time to jump in. This is the time for you, your investors, your employees, your company to jump into this new growing economy and start rebuilding for a new cycle of America's growth.   The days when radicals and extremists can destabilize our nation, fight, demonstrate, threaten with guns, try to gain control of the USA is dissolving into the past. Now is the time for educated, bright, good people to jump in and lead our nation as they have always done, making the USA an economic leader of the world. Put people to work making a good living and they will drift away from negative violent social conflict.   We see a world stacked up, back logged. We will see more and more reports of this as Christmas comes near...transportation overwhelmed on highways, on water, in the air...Why? Because so many companies and individuals are buying and ordering new goods. We see prices going up, and why? Because demand for new items, is going up faster than supply! Don't be afraid of inflation, it is a sign of economic expansion...let's be done with this "artificial" low rate economy...we don't need to fear a depression. We need to embrace growth and profits!  …


  • Sep 22, 2021 | Business  

    Cost of Apartments/Housing in China Leads the World

    China seems to have the most expensive housing in the world, (as a percentage of household income). Take a look: What we are seeing is that China, is going through rapid inflation. Watch the trends as we see the Chinese way of dealing with economic issues, during a turbulent economy...


  • Aug 30, 2021 | Business  


    SOME PEOPLE TALK ABOUT GROWTH, AND TALK ABOUT JOB CREATION AND TALK ABOUT BUILDING NEW THINGS. AND SOME PEOPLE JUST QUIETLY DO SOMETHING. JUST LOOK AT WHAT AMAZON HAS BUILT NEW IN ALBUQUERQUE. The scale of this Amazon facility blows the mind. The main building is 500,000 + s.f., and is roughly the height of a 5 story building...


  • Aug 22, 2021 | Business  


    INEFFICIENCY GROWING IN AMERICAN ECONOMY By Ben B. Boothe, Sr. Publisher, Boothe Global Perspectives In our company we do business with all kinds of companies, investors and properties, from coast to coast. One of the things that enhances company and business value is efficiency. When we are appraising a building or a business, we take into consideration efficiency...


  • Apr 22, 2021 | Business  

    Roswell's Ghost Airlines Hub

    The City of Roswell, New Mexico found a creative way to make money during the Corona Virus Epidemic. We were driving from Carlsbad to Albuquerque and noticed pointed angular shapes on the south side of town, and then realized that there was a "herd" of passenger airliners parked at the Roswell Airport...


  • Apr 3, 2021 | Business  


    VALUE AND PROFIT OPPORTUNITIES IN THIS NEW BUSINESS FOR NEW MEXICO For years we have read of the multimillion dollar profits and new jobs created in states such as Colorado, by the growing, production, processing, and distribution of Marijuana. Year after year a stubborn opposition to it prevailed in the ROUNDHOUSE, the capital building of new laws in New Mexico...


  • Mar 20, 2021 | Business  


    PEOPLE IN HIGH PLACES HAVE SIMILAR ECONOMIC PROJECTIONS AS WE DO by Ben B. Boothe, Sr. | ‎ Saturday, March 20, 2021, 9:59 AM (CDT) Federal Reserve officials expect the economy to rapidly surge toward its pre-pandemic strength, with the unemployment rate falling to 4.5 percent by the end of this year and inflation surpassing its 2 percent target, according to projections released Wednesday...


  • Jan 27, 2021 | Business  

    The Most Powerful Man of Economics, Jerome Powell, Chairman of the Fed Speaks!

    The most powerful man on the US economy is not the Secretary of the Treasury, of the Chairman of the Commerce Department. Not even the President of the United States. The most influential "hands on" man of the US economy is the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell...


  • Jan 2, 2021 | Business  


    OPPORTUNITIES ABOUND IN 2021-2022 . This replica reminds us of the thousands of ways, a smart, intelligent leader can find to create new opportunity and success, as the economy recovers. We at BBAR Inc., have researched how many franchises, national and regional have failed, filed bankruptcy, or simply closed...


  • Nov 12, 2020 | Business  

    RV Parks and Mobile Home Parks...Market Values, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, TX

    11/12/2020 Ben,We have brand new market DATA of Mobile Home Parks and RV parks, sales data, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas This is new, current market data, MH and RV parks


  • Sep 14, 2020 | Business  


    I had just interviewed Dewie Clark, farmer of 3 decades in West Texas, and was thinking of writing an article about the current plight of farming in the United States...


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