Recession or Boom, the US Economy As It looks for 2024

Most economists, bankers, investors thought that the US Economy would be in a strong growth trend in 2024-2025.

We saw millions of workers going back to work, 75% of Americans were immunized and some of the thousands of businesses, that had closed or cut back, seemed to be hiring again.


But then a few things happened:

Could Israel's"overkill be creating a global backlash as overdoing the bombing, killing and wide spread destruction in the battle aimed at Gaza's military?  It appears that people throughout the world are critical of the massive destruction and deaths of civilians by Israel's army may be a public relations disaster for Israel.  The USA and President Biden have repeatedly called upon Israel to be more moderate and asking Israel to moderate their war extremism. To call for more "peace" incentives, and less deadly destruction. But hard right wing extremists in Israel hammer a "drumbeat of more military action in Gaza".   This is a sad time for people of peace.  Biden and his envoys have worked hard to influence Israel to more peaceful policies, but the genie is out of the box. 

Ukraine still continues to battle Russia, to protect their nation of Ukraine from Russian efforts to overrun Ukraine.  Sadly all peace lovers around the world call for peace, for release of hostages, and somehow rescue the innocent victims, and to deal with the hospitals that have been devastated in Gaza. Another factor that millions of people around the world do not understand.  Iran, an educated and peaceful population has aggressively persecuted its female population for not wearing veils.  Estimated 700 female youth have been arrested, some have died in Iran because of enforced ment of dress codes and punishing, often killing youth in Iran.  Where are the leaders in Iran who will stand up to the "police and enforcers with guns, but no judgement in Iran".   We also worry about the weapons Iran is manufacturing for Russia to attack people in its war upon Ukraine.   Iranians in a vast majority are peace loving people.  But the nation appears to be dominated by the "Bearded wonders" as religious leaders, and the "government enforcers" who kill people in Iran at will.   Russia, North Korea, Iran and a few smaller trouble makers are creating violence and unrest around the world. 

We are so happy that the USA is not engaging in new wars or leading in violence.   Sadly Russia, N. Korea and Iran are creating warlike actions that lead to deadly violence being exported by Russia, North Korea, Iran and other purveyors, of war and social chaos around the world.

On the other hand, while wars and conflict create destruction, the United States is not directly engaged in war, and the nation is stable, and even prospering, in peace and stability. 

We encourage and support people of Ukraine