Sad Faces of Trump vs Alternatives of Calm Leadership



Is Donald Trump worried, scared, upset, or simply desperate to get more attention these days.  It would appear that his media people know how to present a "hint" that he is a sure win in the Republican Presidential contest, but we do not see the same old Trump.  We sense that he is in trouble, because more and more of his "past Trumpeters" seem to be drifting away from him.  Also, DeSantis appears to be slumping in his appeal.  So an exciting, inspirational Republican Candidate for President, is still to emerge.  In the meantime the Republicans seem intent on attacking each other.   

ALTERNATIVE IDEA: The former Governor of Arkansas, ASA Hutchinson may be of appeal as a moderate Republican, but he has not been in the race long enough to make a powerful impact upon the voters.  But as people hear him, he is getting some positive response.  But he recently said he was an alternative for Republicans ready to turn the party away from Donald Trump. He is conservative, kind, speaks in calm and moderate tones, and would be a refreshing alternative to Donald Trump.   Also his facial expression is calm and Reassuring (not calling for riots in the streets). Asa Hutchinson, former Governor of Arkansas, running as a Republican for president.  Calm, friendly, logical, and a good communicator. 


Or take a look at this expression of Donald Trump. :

Mr. Trump came on the scene as a new idea, perhaps a "businessman who knows the Art of the Deal".  But in reality, when the Corona Virus came along, he denied that it was a problem, delayed responding for months, and now the USA has had over 1,100,000 deaths due to Corona.  The USA was "late out of the box" due to Trump's denials, and slow response to the Corona Virus disaster.  Billions were lost in the economy, thousands upon thousands of businesses closed to find failure and never reopened.   Joe Biden, finally put government money and power behind the effort to respond to Corona with a variety of approaches, and was able to create an effective national response...but even that has seen the deaths of thousands of nurses, doctors, medical workers, truck drivers, manufacturing employees, school teachers, farm workers, industrial employees, the list goes on and on.  

We wonder for example why national deliver of "American Made" products are slow, at almost every industrial level?  We lost so many people, to sickness and death, and have been playing "catch up" ever since.   Finally the new national vaccination programs have managed to get about 68% of our population inoculated.  But now, thanks to Trump and others downplaying the virus, almost 32% of the American population refused, some for political and right wing allegiances, have a "refusal to take Corona vaccines!  Sadly many of those hard headed individualists have sickened an died as a result.  

We are astonished, that Mr. Trump has at least 3 major legal actions coming like a "loaded train without brakes" and in the very pivotal time of political appearances, he will be hit with major legal actions of violations of laws.  Some believe the only reason he is running is to collect more money from naïve citizens, so he can survive the financial exposure he is facing to hire attorneys to keep him out of jail.  Recently he even made a statement "Even if I am found guilty, I will still run".  So we may see the strange sight of a candidate running for President of the USA while he is serving jail time for breaking the law. He just lost a case of sexual advances on one woman, in a department store "changing room", and the court fined Trump $5,000,000. Trump didn't even bother to appear in court...a $5,000,000 lesson ordered by the jury and judge. In that case they played the recording of him bragging about inappropriate touching and grabbing women. 

All of this vulgar character reporting about Trump may bode well for President Joe Biden, who has had several legislative victories, and seems to be showing calm stability, especially in encouraging the Republicans to not force a "default" in the US National debt. Even some Republicans have publicly stated that if Trump is the Republican candidate for President, they may vote for Biden. Biden's age may also suggest he is stable, calm and experienced.  

In the meantime Trumps speeches have become more angry, more shrill, and more radical with calls for unrealistic and frankly more "far out" ideas and campaign ideas that seem a bit, shall we say, crazy.  Certainly not moderate, wise and well conceived.  He seems to think if he can get Americans "yelling on the streets" it will create enough energy for a political victory.  But millions of Americans are a bit tired of the "Poor me, look what they are doing to me" approach of Mr. Trump. 

We at BootheGlobalPerspectives suggest that the 2 photos of Trump above tell something important.  He seems tired, worried, and frankly desperate to win a Presidency.   It is our belief that he wants this, because he knows how he can use the Presidency, to raise large sums from wealthy individuals and big corporations, in return for political favors.  That seems to be his "economic plan" (not for the nation, but for himself).  Other Candidates, such as Asa Hutchinson (Republican) or Joe Biden (Democrat), seem more mature and 'Presidential" like. 

We believe that daily, more and more former "Trump Fans" are walking away...especially as books and reports from people who worked in his White House found him to be less stable and knowledgeable than many seasoned politicians far better qualified and knowledgeable about how to get things done in D.C.     We see Asa Hutchinson, Republican, and Joe Biden, Democrat as better, wiser alternative candidates, both calm and worthy of consideration.  

                                                                                                        Dr. Fauci reacts to Trump uninformed idea to stop Corona Virus