Economic Trends Keep the power and balance of the US Financial System


Power of the dollarThe U.S. Economy appears to be stable.  Wise political and economic leaders are  stressing stability.  But there is a feeling, a sense in the air, that there are less wise people...violent, people, violent groups, aggressive groups and nations, who seek change. Change that could change, even destabilize the economic, political system that the United States, and Western Europe have functioned under ever since the end of WWII.    When the extremes of Hitler's Nazi cult was defeated, the USA entered a new stage of economic and political stability that we have enjoyed, and prospered with for over 70 years.  Now strange, less competent, new, radical voices, want to change our system, with hints of radical despotism seeking something less stable.  This is of concern to the "rank and file" Middle Class. It could destroy the Middle Class.   The "two party" political system may be at risk with some radical voices seeking power, and willing to bring social violence to change the philosophy of Democracy and economics, that our nation has enjoyed for 70+ years. 

Trump's personal ethical issues, may make him un-electable.  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, would like to run for President, but his backing is shallow.  President Biden is stable, and has proven to bring stability to the nation, and a level of prosperity.  Others who seek the job have less backing and less hope for the Presidency.   

Also we are seeing some economic and business realignments that impact the entire world's stability.  Of concern is India, the nation is being wooed and courted by Russia and China. Some South American nations are also being "courted" by both China and Russia.  China is "buying friends" with huge international loans to nations world wide.  Russia is trying to tempt new friends by offering new sources of oil and gas. 

Interesting, that both China and Russia, still hold large reserves of gold and have experimented with concepts to ween the world away from the US Dollar in international commerce. The USA is seeing it's monopoly of dollar based transactions threatened.  Nations such as Saudi Arabia are pressing for use of alternative currencies, and in the process holding growing gold reserves as they seek to enhance the influence of their currencies.  China and Russia would love to have more international "currency control". 

The next "world war" may be an aggressive and enhanced "war of currencies".  Gold and Oil will continue to be more influence, and power in international exchange. 

Gold OIL

Consider China, not a major oil producer, but a nation with huge foreign reserves, some of which is in gold. China seeks power and influence on other nations where it might source gold, in exchange for currency and import/export markets. 

Consider Russia, in desperate need for liquid cash,  a producer of oil and a nation holding billions in gold bullion.  Russia seeks liquidity to pay for its wars, for Putin's obsession to rebuild the old Russian Empire. His reserves in gold is his "last resort" when all else fails. 

Consider the USA, which has multiplied the power of the US Dollar because the world trusts America, it's integrity and skill in keeping the US Dollar stable and safe.

Yes, future wars or conflicts may well be influenced by, or centered upon the relationship of Gold, Oil, and Currency management.    Politicians in the USA must realize that the stability of the US dollar, may be key to the power, influence and stability of the United States financial system.  Our US Treasury, Federal Reserve Bank, Comptroller of the Currency, have been the most successful in the world, at creating financial stability, confidence, and power.


It is best to keep politicians out of these departments, and not make threats of "default" in America.  Our system is the envy of the world.  We should keep politicians out of control or "messing" with our exceptional financial system. Our balance and power are the envy of the world.  Not a political play ground for shallow political games or threats.  


Ben B. Boothe, Sr.