Pete Buttigieg, An Exceptional Thinker, WITH DEPTH OF LEADERSHIP

When we consider the broad range of people and talent in Washington, DC, Pete Buttigieg is most impressive.  He heads up the department of transportation. Pete Buttigieg, Dept of TransportationI listened to an interesting interview of him when the "Chinese Balloon" was floating over the US mainland.  His answers were brilliant, as if his thought process went two or three steps beyond "obvious" answers.  This is an exceptionally bright man, an in depth thinker, informed and appears balanced.  While many people expect "one layer of logic" out of typical elected politicians...when he answers a question, his mind goes further, into multiple depths and perspectives, and he displays remarkable intellect and balance.   He is quick...too. It does not come across like his answers are just reactions, it comes across like he has thought and studied deeply and come to informed opinions. 

Considering years of observing our leaders in D.C., it is refreshing to hear someone of depth and who goes deeper in logic, and does it quickly, seemingly without ego or grandstanding.  When asked about President Biden's performance, he responded with candor, respect, and insight. 

"President Biden was correct in the way he handled the Chinese Balloon matter. He kept it from escalating, with  a thoughtful and measured response."

Perfect balanced, and fair and respectful answer.  

We are lucky to have such a talented man in our government.   I was watching the developing comments of newly empowered Republican elected officials, who reminded me of sharks circling a meal, when they spoke of President Biden.  But they tend to be so radicalized by "walk in locked step" statements for their brand of politics, that they reminded me of "angry men of historic militant regimes", with more hatred and passion than logic and insight.  Buttigieg is exceptional, in that he comes across calm, respectful, insightful, and normal.  Alas, "normal politicians" in DC seem to be fewer by the day.

It is as if he has already considered typical, boring, answers of paid professional politicians, and gone deeper and wiser steps forward in his thinking process.  He does not come across as a radical, loud, militant, angry reactionary.   When I see some of the newly empowered Republicans they remind me of hungry sharks looking for revenge and destruction.  But Buttigieg comes across with a rare man of depth and wisdom, given strength by excellent communication skills.  

I have spent a lifetime visiting Washington, DC, sitting with leading politicians.  Jim Wright when speaker of the House once quoted one of my articles and said:  "Ben Boothe, a banker has come from a bank in Texas, to the banks of the Potomac to offer us common sense ideas."  That quote hit news headlines.  But I can easily say that Pete Buttigeg is an exceptional voice in a time when we need deep thinkers.  He is a man who can lift the hopes and spirits of Americans to pull together as a people, and make our nation a better place.

Watch him.  I think this man is going places and may be the right age and with the right skills to offer our nation wise leadership when we need it.