Two Earthlike Planets! Acceleration of Universe and Planets Through Space

We had long thought that there were few, if any planets in our universe that had "earthlike characteristics", such as a livable climate, soil, water, and a nearby sun to keep the planet warm enough for life.  But due to advanced exploration technology, science has discovered many planets, with a nearby sun, and similar temperature and environmental characteristics,  Perhaps even drinking water and breathable air.  Two for you to look up just for fun:

"KEPLER 6-2  E AND F" = Two earthlike planets with survivable warmth and adequate light for survival and growing of plants and each has a "sun" it is rotating around providing livability.   Look them up and realize that we may not be alone in this universe.   Just wonder what those other inhabitants may be like!

Other random thoughts from BootheGlobalPerspectives:


What is this world, our nation, coming too?  In a world of violence, various wars and conflicts, and numerous global leaders that seem to seek violence and disruption around the world, instead of peace and harmony of earth.

What about our farmers, and food production, when we see the earth's climate seem to regularly warming.  Consider what the farmers have told us.  Crops in the Southwest and Western USA are suffering from lack of rain, and increased heat. Climates in our farm belt have been regularly seeing heat and droughts increasing, rainfall decreasing, and crop yields suffering.  More and more land is going fallow, due to a hot dry climatic trend.   On my farmland in West Texas, we dug down 16 inches and found no hint of underground moisture in the top soils where roots of crops normally can get too.  I spoke to other farmers who told me in other agricultural areas of West Texas and SW New Mexico, some had dug down several feet, and still encountered dry conditions.  Below see this brief item from NASA. 

We take many auto trips in our appraisal business, and find more and more towns, areas, and agricultural lands going dry.  Lakes drying up. Rivers down to trickles.  Former lakes simply dry cracked soils where lakes that provided water for people, crops, livestock and towns, simply evaporated.   We are seeing drought conditions similar to conditions of the "Great Depression" of 70, 80, 90 years ago.

Water systems, dams to control and provide reserves for water for regional agriculture and towns formed in the last 70 years are going dry. Creeks, Rivers, Lakes, and even underground aquifers are showing pressure and "over demand".  The water is simply not "recharging", because the rains and the climate is not following traditional patterns.  Some hydrologists fear we may be in a major transition in the SW and Western USA, which could have billions of dollars of impact, towns going down, economies suffering, and changes in population trends creating society to have to rethink the balance of our population and economy.   These numbers "billions" represent millions of people, towns, communities, farms and regional economies.

Time for us to wake up and take this seriously.  


Ben Boothe, Sr.