Our nation, our world needs wise leaders, ideas of peace and love vs conflict and war.

Our world is conflicted. 

We worry about gas prices, but perhaps we should worry about political/sociological conflicts. 

*The U.S. Congress can't even agree on leaders...after multiple votes. Loud angry, opinionated radical bullies seem do dominate the more moderate majority. 

*N Koreas is obsessed with new missiles of destructions and seems to want an international nuclear war. 

*Russia seems intent on creating a new "IMPERIAL RUSSIA" even if they have to declare war on nation after nation.

*China appears on a path to become the world's greatest power, economic and militarily. 

*Iran's "bearded wonders", old men who rule that all must adopt a nation ruled by backward thinking, to suppress women even to the point of killing hundreds of young women and putting thousands of youth in prison if they don't adapt a backward repressive regime. 

*Some nations in Latin America are bullied by criminal Mafia style groups of crime, and chaos, used to intimidate their people."