Trends...Economic...Death Trends Hit Records...Now is the time for new appraisals



1. Death rates recently hit a record high in the USA from 2010-2020 have ranged 1.6% to 3.8%.  Prior to that the record annual increase in deaths was  in 1928 when the Spanish Flu and WWI pushed the increase in deaths to a stunning record of 12%.


Year after year, an annual increase of deaths for 1.6% to 3.8% was normal and manageable.  But after the Corona Virus hit the usa, the annual death rate increase the annual rate of increase was 18.75 2020 and  some say a shocking 20% the next year.



2. Random mass shootings in the USA

Mass shootings (0ver 3 killed) have sky rocketed, from about 6500 killed 2 years ago, 8000 killed or wounded, last year, and this year the total is still rising to new records. 


The American people are disgusted and sick of this mass murder rampage in the USA, and while Democrats continue to put forth new laws and new ideas to block people under 21 years old (when many of these shootings are from young people less than 21 years old), Republicans continue to bend over for the NRA and other right wing forces, and let the murders continue.  President Biden,  Obama, Bush, Ford, Carter, all called for more gun control and better social and legal monitoring, but always have been blocked by the NRA and extreme right wingers in DC.    When will it end?  It is up to you dear readers.   As for many, even a trip to a grocery store, a Walmart, or a public school has become a risk factor.  Do ordinary, peace loving citizens have to revert to wearing six guns (as they did in the old West) to go buy a gallon of milk, or fill their cars with gas.  Come on America, we are smart and good enough to take effective steps.


3. Values are going crazy with wild swings.  Housing prices zoomed up to record levels in 2020-2021, then with increases in interest rates the "mad price rises" melted into "caution and declining home sales".  Incoming producing real estate properties such as apartments have seen apartment rents zooming up, while the number of people who can buy single family homes has diminished, due to rising interest rates.   With the USA short by 2,500,000 single family homes, demand for rental properties, and prices have soared upward.   Housing is becoming a national problem.   It is again time for progressive lending, and appraisers that can adjust to market changes.  Our appraisal firm has completed over 5,600 appraisals throughout the USA, and we are very active in helping with creative appraisals and progressive studies of the multifamily and real estate markets, to help many businessmen and families find ways to find answers in new "Multifamily" and "Apartment Projects" and also to do appraisals based upon plans and specifications of new projects.   With a turn around time of 3 to 7 days (depending upon the location and complexity of the property) we can provide prompt and detailed commercial appraisals on apartments, multi family projects, new construction projects to help meet the need and demand for new projects to meet the needs of Americans needing places to rent, or invest in.    Call us or email:  and copy it to (so we don't miss your communication.  phone: 817 793 1484  or email: and copy to:

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