Leaders! We voted...Now, Bring Peace, Prosperity & Stability

Elections are over again.  We are thankful that the American people voted, in high numbers, for stability, peace and prosperity! 

Woodrow Wilson would have been proud of Americans, with this "peaceful election".  Listen to his words:

Republicans in America do not have to hate Democrats. They can still want to help big business, cut taxes and change laws for the better. 

Democrats in America want to 'balance power' so that middle and lower classes still "get a piece of the pie".  They want to give more people a chance to enjoy the prosperity America seems to represent.  That is best achieved with a starting point of "Peace" 

No wonder, Democrats in the USA always outnumber Republicans...the challenge is to motivate Democrats to vote.

But what if we all light the flames of peace?  Now after the elections would be a good time to think of 'peace'. 

What about spreading more words, thoughts and energy of light and peace! 


(Almost seems like the world's 'little dictator wannabee's"  are becoming more violent and dangerous, and peaceful democracy oriented leaders are under greater pressure than ever to lead in peaceful directions)   So what if we start a new "Peace message".  

In nations all around the world, different sects or groups are fighting...this seems to be an age of conflicts.

In France, radical groups would like more power in government.

In Germany, old memories of the NAZI and Hitler led tyrants are rising with new energy. 

In Iran, consider that the 40 years of painful rule by Islamic bearded men has allowed radical militants to own and control much of the nation.  No wonder the women of Iran are fighting, and dying in the streets for the right of choice in what kind of scarves they wear.  Remember, girls in Iran are educated, they see through the whims of demagogues as simply ways of  "lording it over women" and holding them down.  Thus as they march and clap hands, they have exposed the hypocrisy of traditional bearded old men, and angered the militant police and "Morality Police", reminding the world of some of the darkest days of world history.  300+ kids have been killed by the police in Iran, and 5500+ have been tortured, beaten, imprisoned, and the rest of the kids in the country have said: "If you demonstrate against the status quo, you won't be allowed to go to University".    When a nation's leaders are so mad or worried, they have to beat, kill, and threaten their own children, it is a long term reality....the young people will be tomorrow's leaders. Change and progress will come.  One day the old "bearded wonders" will be replaced by the youth they tried to hold down.  

In Ukraine, Russia bombs, destroys towns, terrorizes families, intimidates farmers, and uses missiles, drones, guns and bombs to destroy towns, power companies, economic factories.   Why because Putin has an obsession to return historic lands back to old Russia and rebuild an empire (which frankly most people just want peace, not empire).  Putin with his various wives and girlfriends, is finding that his little clubs of oligarchs, the men he has made wealthy through government graft, is finding more and more Russian people hating, fearing and quietly hoping for his downfall.  So Russia tries to draft 300,000 more young men to fight his obscene war, and the highways, rivers, even airways, are filled with people trying to escape Russia's grab of anyone that will carry a gun for Putin's wicked war of destruction...on what was before a peaceful and relatively successful economy.  The world will remember the Putin's of this age.  But think of a Ukraine that thinks first of the children, because they are our future peace makers:


North Korea fires multiple rockets, to intimidate South Korea, Japan, and even the USA, begging for the world to notice, fear and kowtow to them.  But the response from a powerful voice in the USA flicked them off like an irritating mosquitoes by saying.  "If North Korea missiles attack the USA, North Korea will cease to exist as a nation." 

Then there is the restive China. A land that has allowed one man to gain almost dictator-like powers.  So we worry about seeing China becoming more power hungry and expansionist, flexing muscle and becoming a greater economic and military threat to a broader world within it powerful influence and reach. 

Saudi Arabia, UAE, seem to be leaning to more "violent" ISLAMIC style leadership, and striving for more dominance in the Gulf Region, pitting against Iran, Qatar, and  as always Israel

The list goes on and on. 

What we do know and hope for is that the United States has stable leadership, good people of either party, that want peace, prosperity and stability for the USA.  If that can be maintained the USA will continue to be a world leader, and our people will do well.  This recent national election in the USA demonstrated peaceful democracy, with quality people seeking to serve the American people.  What a good example to the world, especially now when the world needs a good example of a peaceful group called: "Americans"  who want progressive and peaceful leadership.  We at BootheGlobalPerspectives  continue to try to work on behalf of good positive people, "builders and uniters"  who are trying to make a positive difference in our USA.  For example, we were early, of the first in the USA to publish stories, encouraging and cheering on the valiant young women of Iran in their efforts to bring progress in Iran. We are proud of the bright, intelligent and idealistic minds of the youth in Britain, France and Germany seeking peace and enlightened leadership.  We cheer the brave youth of Iran, fighting for women's rights and social progress. Of course Ukraines people have taken so much terror and destruction from Russia, but they prevale and hang on, they are heros standing up to Putin's war of destruction, and his faded dreams of a new Imperial Russia (with him as the top ruler).  Poor Putin doesn't realize his dream will become his nightmare.   How about we all sleep with peaceful images, dreams, prayers. 


Instead of negatives, the elections are over. The Wars soon will be over (we can hope and press for that 'peaceful' energy!