Foreign Nations, Particularly Russia, and perhaps N. Korea and China, Manipulating US

The recent disclosure of a US intelligence study, confirmed that "Russia has secretly spent hundreds of millions " to influence other nations 

"Secret global political campaign, U.S. intelligence finds" 

We have been suspicious of this, when we see the wording and messages of "talking heads" and "internet messages" in online chats.  Sometimes coming from old friends who listen to thoughts originated by enemies of the USA.   Because we publish "BOOTHE GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES" we receive many messages from people we do not know or recognize.  We attempt to check and research sources.  In many cases we have wondered, their grammar, intensity, and expressions that do not seem positive about our USA!

Now we see this headline which confirms a Federal Study which confirms that some nations unfriendly to the US have been posting messages that are contrary to our National interest.  Some have spent millions of dollars to alter political views! Some of them seem to prey upon Americans who are unhappy with some traditional American political parties, and plant seeds of anger and anti American activities.  We wonder if the 12 or so radical groups, that led the insurrection on the US Congress, may have been encouraged and influenced by foreign interests on the internet. And they may have done so thinking that they were being patriots, when they may have been fed garbage from a foreign power. 

See this quote in the Washington Post today, online: 

"Russia has secretly funneled at least $300 million to foreign political parties and candidates in more than two dozen countries since 2014 in an attempt to shape political events beyond its borders, according to a new U.S. intelligence review."

Is this really the man you want to follow or imitate?   

When you hear an old friend who seems over excited about some political matter that is a little "over the top" and doesn't sound like the patriotic American who fought for our country, think of Mr. Putin, and the millions he is spending to manipulate politics around the world.  We have read that there are "telephone banks" full of people who speak with American accents, and write articles with English by-lines, pressing the buttons to make people feel uneasy or unhappy about our nation.

Remember, especially my older friends, there are hundreds of skilled and well paid people who live and work simply to plant divisive and negative thoughts harmful to our USA.  Learn to filter out those negative and harmful messages.

I have learned to "fact check" those emotional messages often coming from the radical "right" (or any radical direction) and can bear witness that many many of them are fabricated with and intent to create division and harm to our great United States of America.  


Remember my friends, whatever your political views, don't let others with skilled words make you go negative on our beloved USA. 

My friends, I am a patriot. I love our USA.

Do not let radicals with ideologies from other nations who aim to divide and destroy our beloved USA,  mess with your mind.



Ben Boothe, Sr. 

Publisher, Boothe Global Perspectives