Biden's anti-MAGA strategy is working

Our thanks to these ideas from Max Boot in his article in the Washington Post, look it up and read it, it was posted on the internet.  We suggest you Google it up and read the entire article.  Max Boot has his facts and conclusions right on this. 



BIDEN'S RECENT SPEECHES HAVE NEW, POWERFUL IDEAS.  TRUMPS RECENT SPEECHES ARE "SAME OLD BORING LIES" (he still beats his drum that he didn't loose the election by 6,000,000+ votes, against over rulings by 30+ legal court efforts that Trump lost every one of them)

We at Boothe Global Perspectives, want to observe that President Biden's recent public speeches have a different tone.  He is calling out, the most radical element of the Republican Party, (not the entire party) and is pointing out important points we should take seriously.   Biden has worked hard to create "bipartisanship" but the Republicans have rebuffed him again and again.  Yet, Biden has passed more "substantial laws" that are proactive than any president in years, regardless of party.  His success reminds me of the legislative successes of LBJ.  Interesting both LBJ and Joe Biden, had experience working in the US Congressional bodies for years...perhaps they both met with legislative successes. 

We have all heard the arguments and griping: "Biden is too old...he doesn't understand how the Republican Party works....and so on."  But Biden has gotten things done that are forward thinking and will help the people of the USA for decades.


Consider things Biden has done...DONE! NOT JUST PROPOSED:

Now consider this.  

Biden did not attack all Republicans.  Indeed he called for main stream Republicans to vote like American Citizens.   Biden did focus on "the problem".


The MAGA Republicans, the ones dominated and intimidated....or greedy for the money Trump has.  Those as some Republicans have said, "Represent some of the lowest qualified Republicans on their ticket the party has had for decades" some Republican leaders have publicly said.   Only 41% of Republicans support Trump more than the part as a whole.  Only 25% of Republicans approve of the Jan 6th 2021 storming of the U.S. Capital, promoted by Trump. 

Then there are wild card Republicans, who change their viewpoints as often as the sun rises, such as Lindsey Graham. His recent statements that "There would be riots in the streets" if America prosecute or arrests radicals who wish to tell the great lie, that Trump actually won and election that he lost.  Or who promote the mob that trashed the US Congress Building, and chanted "Kill Pence" or "Lets get Pelosi!".   Main street Republicans and 90% of Democrats don't go for that kind  of activity in our beloved country.   But Trump's MAGA crowd, they seem to talk loud, profane, threatening screams.   Hmmmmmm.  For that reason, we doubt that Trump would ever be elected President again.  His message is old, it is incorrect, and it is dangerous for our nation. 

Biden is not attacking all Republicans, just the right wing radicals that Trump has whipped up into a frenzy.  And the polls reflect that Biden is coming back up in polls. An NBC poll found that voters rank threats to our nation, to our democracy as their #1 concern.  MAGA IS BECOMING A TOXIC BRAND FOR THOSE RADICAL REPUBLICANS. Many affluent Republicans in our suburbs are quietly distancing themselves from the Trump & MAGA gang.

I call them the T&M gang. 

It is obvious that T&M is not a recipe, that most Americans will swallow.  

As for President Biden, he is devoting these years of his life to his country, our country.  We should give him our appreciation and let him know, that the "giant quiet majority" of Americans appreciates what he is giving to our nation, and the future of our children.