Judges Supposed to be the Nation's Highest Example on Ethics.

Where did these clowns come from? 

We were always taught in school that of the three branches of Government, the Supreme Court was to be a "Supreme" example of ethics and judicial propriety.  Our best, brightest, most honest end up here for the important legalities of our nation. 


Now we hear from Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine), and Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) that in the confirmation interviews with these two prospective new members of the Supreme Court, that both Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch (two of the five Supreme Court justices who just voted to blow up a 50 year precedent of law, (Roe v. Wade) may have lied to the Senators, in the "Pre-Senate interview".    Both when specifically asked about their beliefs on the probable upcoming vote on the Roe vs  Wade, gave answers that led the two Senators to believe they would never try to end Roe v. Wade.   Kavanaugh gave a lengthy answer  stating his respect for precedent, and that the Roe vs Wade was rooted in the Constitution, 'I believe in stability and in the Team of Nine".    Senator Collins left with an opinion that he was saying he would not vote to end Roe v. Wade.   She is furious.


Sen Joe Manchin II of West Virginia has a similar feeling that he was duped by the "then" candidates for the Court.   He too has indicated that he was misled.  He said, he was deeply disappointed because the "future" candidates for the Supreme Court gave answers that misled as to the reality of their future actions. 


The result, is passage of the most divisive law to the USA in half a century.  Our nation needs uniters, not dividers. Unity, not division. The idea of Supreme Court judge candidates spinning and evading the truth, comes close to being, yes may be...criminally divisive.  And we let these types of people take seats at the highest court in the land????


The whole point of these interviews is to judge future judges, and it should be said if a judge has a set opinion on a controversial case, the proper thing to do is to recuse himself.  Neither Kavanaugh or Neil Gorsuch, recused themselves.  

So much for the concept that integrity of our Supreme Court justices is at the level it has been historically "lauded" to be.  Senator Collins (according to the New York Times) reported that Kavanaugh said: "Roe is 45 years old, it has been reaffirmed many times, lots of people care about it a great deal, and I've tried to demonstrate that I understand real-world consequences...I am a don't rock the boat kind of judge.

We must ask as citizens if it is enough for Collins or Manchin to protest with "I was tricked!"  when these judges didn't honestly answer the Senator's questions.   When a public official such as a Senator makes such a harmful mistake, one would think that he or her would repair the damage.  To follow through.  If they don't there is something amiss at both the Supreme Court and our Senators who are suppose to interview them (and get honest answers)  before they vote them in. 

It is no wonder people are demonstrating and rioting in streets.  Women of America smell something is rotten, and it may be coming from that big white building just above the Capital.  Supreme court "candidates" who use ambiguous words to hide their true beliefs, to avoid a "no" vote....  Who would have dreamed.  

1.Pray for our nation, friends. 

2.  Elect people with integrity and strength of convictions. 

3. Expose those who simply don't meet the high standards of our Supreme Court.

4. Let legal precedents work, even if exposure at the highest level is appropriate.