The United States enjoys Thanksgiving with a lot to be thankful for.   Just to name a few:

1. Values of homes for millions of Americans have risen to 40 year highs!   All of those millions of middle class  American who have worked hard, paid taxes and taken pride in their home ownership, now see rewards for years of being "the silent majority" of good hearted, tax paying Americans.  Story after story comes to us of couples who bought homes a few years ago, and those homes have risen to astronomical values.   Yes, home ownership in the USA is still one of the best investments that can be made!

2. Vaccination rates are the highest ever.  President Biden has asked government employees to get vaccinated, and the word is that 90% have complied.  Even our military, has seen great increases in soldiers who now have been immunized.

Sadly, the U.S. Marines, has shown the worst response, which we find interesting.  My father was a hero, with a chest full of medals, for his service as a Marine in Iwo Jima and the Islands.  If his "President" asked something of him, he would step forward proudly.

Let's home our Marines get their 1,2 and then boosters, they can serve our nation best if healthy warriors for the flag!

3. Just over a year ago we saw huge numbers of Americans file for "Jobless benefits".   But, the news is just out, "Jobless claims are the lowest now than at any time in the last 4 decades"   More people are getting out of their houses and off of the streets, putting down their signs and flags of protest, and are again joining the work force.  Great.  We at BootheGlobalPerspectives have long believed that Americans when working are of the best workers in the world.  So good for the USA, we are working again!

4. Speaking of working again, we see another long deserved changes.  While the "right wing" of the USA has consistently opposed raising the minimum wage, business leaders, of both big and small businesses are doing as businessmen what some of our politicians didn't want. Raising wages.  Companies, across the board or raising wages.  Starting wages for some was $2.80 per hour, then some saw raises in the $5.00 per hour.  But now, business leaders and major companies are raising wages to $15 per hour or more.  Those thousands, millions of waiters in restaurants often were paid low hourly wages and the mantra was: "Work hard and you will make it back in tips."   But that was a cop out just to keep labor costs down in the food business.  But now, more and more restaurants are paying $12, $15, or more per hour. Good for them!

5. Nurses, long under paid for long hours and hazardous working conditions especially with Corona and Delta Virus hitting hospitals.  Now even hospitals are raising wages for medical workers, some paying bonus checks to get nurses in their hospitals.

6. How about "common labor"...I mean by that, yard workers, landscapers, tree trimmers, clean up crews.  They were often being paid $5 to $7 per hour, but now, many companies and contractors are seeing $12, $14,  $18 per hour.  Good for them.

Even the ancient Holy Bible says "A worker is worthy of his hire"   In other words, pay the people, those who are willing to work, reward them with good pay!

It is my hope that each of us, will review those things we should be thankful for!

+ A car to drive

+ A warm place to sleep

+ A roof over our heads

+ Food and Clothing

+ The privilege to live, work and even prosper in the USA

+ Cities and towns with good roads, clean water, and good city services, police protection, firemen, city workers to maintain our infrastructure.

+ And a nation, where with incentive and hard work, a person can climb up the ladder.


We are a nation not of thugs, or "Cowboys without a cow" who wave flags while they destroy public places....we are a nation of proud hard working citizens.  For this I am thankful!