Russia and China both developing fastest missiles in history (is USA?)

We continue to get reports of Russia and China.  Some sources say they are developing, perhaps have already developed new military missiles, some fly above the atmosphere and can be aimed at targets on earth with unheard of speeds.

China has a version that can travel at speeds of 6115 km per hour, that is faster than anything the US has and virtually impossible for American defense systems to target.  The Chinese and Russians have said their new missiles can fly above the atmosphere, and some can be carried up to very high altitudes by jet planes and then deployed.

Putin recently bragged, that Russia had missiles faster than any conventional airplanes on earth, these missiles are also nuclear powered.   India Today on Oct 18 reported that China launched a rocket carrying a hypersonic glide vehicle that flew fast enough to destroy weapons through low-orbit space.

Hypersonic Weapons take nuclear warfare to the "next level", can travel much faster than current nuclear capable ballistic and cruise missiles and can maneuver and change flight paths quickly. 


Putin recently bragged that their new weapons can travel a speeds that are multiple times faster than anything in US arsenals.  Russia's Avangard hypersonic missile was put into service in 2019, flying at speeds of 33,000 kilometers per hour. 

India, has announced that it too is developing ASAT space weapons designed to disable or destroy satellites with missiles to hit targets in low earth orbit.   Russia says their hypersonic missiles cannot be seen on radar.

A Russian Zircon missile even if it could be seen on radar goes so fast the US would have only 60 seconds to respond.

The US is responding by huge expenditures, but nuclear powered aircraft or rockets that travel so high and so fast, represent a frightening future for our world.  Stay tuned, we will write more about this as more information is released.