Cost of Apartments/Housing in China Leads the World

China seems to have the most expensive housing in the world, (as a percentage of household income).   

Take a look:

What we are seeing is that China, is going through rapid inflation.  

Watch the trends as we see the Chinese way of dealing with economic issues, during a turbulent economy.  


We at deal with economic changes in real estate constantly, and the boom in the USA of homes has

now expanded to a boom in investor interest in Apartments.  Thus more and more people are calling for appraisals of 

"Multifamily" properties.   For return on assets and stability in value, investors are stimulating the 

 highest volume of apartment purchases seen in years.    It seems that there are expectations of a continued demand for

more housing, but millions of people can't afford to buy homes, so....they rent apartments.    Watch, we predict that

apartments will continue to appreciate in value.