Not since C.S. Lewis and his Narnia Tales has an author captured such a magical way of writing.  Doug Cosper's new book "ON WINGS OF WONDER" will take you aboard the wings of a giant, magical butterfly, to take a young child who is compelled to find his mother, who disappears under strange circumstances. Cosper is a new talent that hits our world at a time when we so need inspiration and reminders of the good and magical wonder that has been so important to our spirits.  This timely book no doubt will sweep our hearts to a better place. 

WINGS OF WONDER, BOOK COVER The Author, Doug Cosper in his "pre-author"  life, circled the globe and his "Wonder" of this world,  becomes a marvelous fairy tale that is a good vs evil story,  encouraging and positive, for our time.  I have tried to read a book a week for most of my life as my own "Higher Education", but this is more than a book. It is a joy, the the word "Wonder" aptly describes it. 

It brings joy and a peaceful spirit, like few books of recent years have. 

Read it for yourself, your spouse, your kids, parents, and friends.  It will bring images of beauty, joy, adventure, and of course all told through the eyes and voice of a young child, searching for his mother.  

Anna Cosper has added lovely illustration work, such as the following, that reminded me of other classic books that have stood the test of time. 

World of Wonder I took this snapshot just to give you a taste of the "Trek" and it communicates the "feel" of the journey as a child might draw it.

This is a classic style of light vs dark, hope vs despair, and all told from the perspective of an innocent but brave child who simply does not let time or distance keep him from searching for his mother.  Those of you who have travelled the world, recognize some of the awe inspiring sites, which are redefined by a child, flying over the world, from the back of his magic butterfly.  It is fun, and will capture your heart.  Cosper's command of language, respoken from a child's perspective is genius. You can catch the subtle growth of his perspective and depth from page to page, and all with such simplicity that it is "complexity hidden by charm"...a skill Doug Cosper excels with. 

I have no doubt that this book, will catch on, and plant seeds of creative beauty leading to more books. The story of this young boy, his emerging girlfriend and magical guides all combine to speak on multiple levels.  There is hope, simplicity, daring, and a battle of light vs darkness.  Somehow, the light prevails against all odds, but the story reminds us all of the myriad of conflicts every human faces.  The concept of love, and unintentional heroism is woven, beautifully through the life of those older wiser beings who admire and aid the hero.

As the reader is immersed in the spirit of the book, a surprising and significant message emerges, propelled by exotic glances of our world.  The book, a message of valiant love, and a willingness to overcome darkness of negative forces, inspires us to seek a higher personal goal, to use our simple efforts to appreciate and replace dark conflict with victorious love. 

So the creativity of an old grandfather "carving a shape" for a carousel becomes an act of love and wonder, fighting darkness, and especially appreciated by enlightened ones. Simple things as seeking old lessons from an ancient cave become victories for seekers of Wonder.  "Dreeters" (the dark ones) have had wonder sucked from their souls, seem to remind us of the angry conflictive people popping up all over our modern world. 

A phrase about the impact of this beautiful book comes to mind: "A calming balm upon the open sores our world bleeds from."   How timely this book is!

Buy the book. Tell your friends and important people about it.  No doubt, they will be blessed, and perhaps more light, can shine on our world, which so yearns for hope, and wonder.

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