Mountain Poem from the Sangre De Christo Mountains


A Verse from the Sangre De Christos Mountains

As the light of the sun fades away in the western sky,

I think back on the journey from this morning to nigh.

Did I make any headway on my goals for the day

or did I refrain and then on my laurels lay


Did I laugh out loud or make someone smile

Had I given  my best and done something worthwhile?

These things that spin in my head are not always sublime

But I do try to do what’s right most of the time


I can’t fathom the world without a sunrise or sunset,

peace, hope, love and God above I cannot forget.

I believe every thought and word written down should rhyme.

If it all rhymed, I think we would find a world less inclined to end all time.

I’m not a poet, a philosopher or prophet

I’m just being me, a man who also loves chocolate!


Tom Speck

Rancher, Poet, Living Life Fully, with friends;