For years we have read of the multimillion dollar profits and new jobs created in states such as Colorado, by the growing, production, processing, and distribution of Marijuana.  Year after year a stubborn opposition to it prevailed in the ROUNDHOUSE, the capital building of new laws in New Mexico.    But finally with a special effort by New Mexico's Governor, who recognized the financial potential for New Mexico, the bill was passed in New Mexico, and sent to Governor LUJAN GRISHAM  for her signature. Perhaps creating "new highs" for the state. 

Yes, Cannabis now the most recent state to vote it legal in NM.  Already new investors are finding locations, buying up greenhouses, and bringing in expertise and equipment.  This business is run by businessmen, who know how to multiply profits. It is not a "Hippy" dominated industry, but has people who understand high tech equipment, safety and quality standards, and how to optimize profits.  You might be more apt to see growers in white coats, or with lab equipment, looking very professional. I can appreciate the few bankers, who supported the industry, even in spite of Federal pressure, and political uncertainty.  Now they have been redeemed. They saw the business, economic potential, new jobs and new wealth and growth in the industry. 

But it took years of effort for the will of the people to finally win, so that now the State of New Mexico joins the parade of locations to create new industry, jobs and capital creation for New Mexico. 


For years people have travelled to Colorado, from Texas, New Mexico, Kansas and far flung places to purchase these products. And places like New Mexico have longed for another new industry to increase income, state taxes, and tourism to their state. We at Boothe Global Perspectives see the potential for large positive revenues for state coffers.

We know valuation aspects, because our firm has been appraising locations, buildings, and support equipment for this industry for years. Our appraisal company, BBAR Inc has travelled long distances and appraised facilities, storage, production and distribution facilities and we have never had a lender or owner client complain or kick back any of our valuations of the industry.  We have had experience appraising properties of the industry in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and some “potential” Cannabis  facilities in New Mexico, for progressive investors who have been preparing for the "go ahead" of this new industry.  

So if you have an interest in this high potential industry we are an experienced player in the valuation field and can provide market values and provide an estimate of business value plus real estate “value in use”.

Call me personally and we can help you get professional values that reflect the positive value considerations considering the optimistic energy of a “new” industry in New Mexico. your banker, lender, or investors will appreciate the appraisals done by an experienced professional such as our company.

As an example of how this can create new value, profits and potential, I recently heard of a family, whose elderly father, had a problem.  He had built a large hanger for his airplane next to a small town airport runway...but the years were catching up with him. His family wanted him to sell the property and move to a city to be near them in his last years.  The new cannabis industry creates a new use for that hanger, and in the agricultural area nearby, areas to grow the product, process it, and distribute it, in what otherwise might have become a vacant cob-webbed hanger.

If you know a producer, distributor, or new investor who may need economic analysis or valuation help for real estate, building, or production centers for the Cannabis  industry, in New Mexico, or other states, remember us.   There is a new source for wealth creation in this industry, and we are on the leading edge for consulting, appraisals and feasibility studies for progressive investors who wish to capitalize from this industry. 

The times are changing, but this creates new opportunity for cash creation, in New Mexico, and just watch as greenhouses sprout up, with high powered lights, that burn all night to keep the plants warm and growing.  That is money you see, and perhaps smell too!  Give us a call or email us when you need a financial projection or feasibility study.  We don't smoke weed, but we know how to crunch the numbers so you can budget or find investors or even help create documentation, appraisal, or feasibility study to help qualify to obtain bank loan.  

Ben Boothe,
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