Over the past 30 years, BootheGlobalPerspectives has been 90% accurate on economic, cultural, social, and political predictions.   I don't think that even Nostradamus was that accurate.  So from time to time we provide our predictions for the future and sometimes we amaze our readers. 


Let's look at some economic/capital/ cultural predictions: 

  1. Bitcoin will fluctuate wildly, but will become more broadly used and accepted by business, industry, banks and individual investors.  No doubt it will have wild swings, but as more and more legitimate companies start buying bit-coin it will be yet another currency. We notice that China has it's "Bitcoin currency" and their currency will gain in popularity as well.  Economists have long taught that if a nation can make the world use it's currency, it will have enormous advantages in world commerce. 
  2. The U.S. battle with China for economic and political dominance will continue.  Boothe Global Perspectives has for years written and predicted that China is like the World "PACMAN" ...gobbling up the world. But that may not continue forever, because China is facing social, political and economic pressures.
  3. In our articles after numerous trips to China, meeting with business and political leaders,  we started predicting that China and India will battle head to head for world economic domination and political leadership.  We have come to a conviction that India will eventually catch China and pass it, for several reasons.  *India is a Democracy.    * They speak English, a powerful world language.  * The Indian culture has a deeply spiritual center with the most diversified system of religious tolerance of any major nation on earth. * India's people are not "hooked" on socialism and believe in hard work and opportunity.  *India's youth are progressive, innovative and brilliant in internet and computer technology. 
  4. China may catch and pass the USA as a military, economic power, but India will catch China, and the USA will have closer ties with India as time moves forward.   China's soft underbelly is that China continues hanging on to the old, traditional Communists who still run much of the nation.  That system of pure Communism is has a tendency to hold the nation back. 
  5. Speaking of China, they have a head start on the USA and Europe in providing effective leadership fighting Corona Virus, and they have "opened up" much of their economy, but China seems to have an attitude that they can afford to lose "a million or two" people to viral disease, because their economy is more important.  (They seem to agree with many Republican Governors in the USA. I think of what we see in Texas, and Florida and some of the most right wing governors).  China's leaders, as reflected in the recent meeting with U.S. representatives, is a bit arrogant and haughty in referring to the USA, especially when they suggested that the USA doesn't rule the world and can't dictate policy to China.  It was the most hostile exchange I have seen between Chinese and U.S. diplomats.  The USA, economically and in other ways, lost ground in international influence, but with the massive and successful vaccine programs the USA has put together, the USA has a lot to be hopeful for in 2021-2022.  No doubt the US economy will rebound.   Sadly, we have learned that ignoring science and the political polarization of science and health issues kills people. So we have reason to be positive about the future economy and influence of the USA especially in late 2021 and the year 2022. 
  6. The Corona Virus will have local and sporadic flare ups, and may be with us for years, but we hope and predict that the worst is over and the US economy will have a "rubber band effect" springing back with robust recovery, especially in the last quarter of 2021 and the first half of 2022.   We say that, with this exception.  Some states opening up too soon are already experiencing a new outburst of Corona Viral infections, this could create another "surge" that even a vaccine may not be able to control. 
  7. Business, industry, retail,  employers and employees will re-emphasize worker health and conditions in 2021-2022-2023. 
  8. The U.S. Dollar will continue to weaken, probably as a strategy to become more competitive against other global economies.
  9. U.S. Cities will redesign and restructure with more "open spaces", change downtown streets to "walkways, public plazas and recreational areas", 
  10. Restaurants and food service will add and expand drive up, pick up, and outside dining. 
  11. Office buildings will change and we will see more condominium living areas in what was traditional office building areas  We will see more small cubicle "business shared areas", with more high tech, more shared conference rooms, and more at home work systems.   The "sole us for big office suites" in the high rises of CBD (Central Business Districts) will change substantially in the future. 
  12. Movie Theaters will remodel, revamp and change their marketing appeal. More emphasis on sound quality, better circulation with hospital quality HEPA HVAC filtration, sitting "group" areas for families, and more Plexiglas and other protections.  Many movie theaters will add "stages" for more public appearances and in person actor and entertainment. 
  13. U.S. housing and lifestyle markets will change.  Continued growth in the quality and volume of Recreational Vehicles that become more luxurious, and include office work areas.  
  14. Record breaking debt and deficits in the nation, states, companies, and individual families. 
  15. There is no doubt that new technology, UV and better circulation, filters, and means of sterilization of commercial and residential buildings will be part of the future. 



Historical Predictions, just for fun and education: 



+ Predicted that Russia after being hostile to the West will become friendly to the west 2020-22


+ Predicted that "nations of the West will be in conflict with nations of the East, there will be wars and conflicts.  (West being the USA and Europe and the East being China) 2021-22 ff


+ Predicted great weather extremes, earthquakes,  floods, plagues. 


+ Predicted fiery "rocks" of bombs from the skies will devastate cities around the world. 


Believe or not, read his writings, some of what he said was powerful and his predictions have aroused great interest over the years.