World is in Transition 2021-2022 Could Be "Recovery" Years for Business

The American dollar and our economy attracts attention all over the world.

Rich and Poor.  For example, an elderly lady followed me in the grocery store, all "masked up", but a little closer than 6 feet behind and said: "Someone is going to steal that $1000 bill from your hip pocket!"   I had forgotten stuffing it in, half of it was exposed.  So I handed the $1000 bill replica, to her and said: "Yes Mam, show this around, and enjoy."  She looked at it and laughed and realized that the back of it was a "To do list of a thousand things".   She asked: "Can I have one for my husband, he needs this!  I will use mine as a grocery list."   So I handed her another, and she rolled her grocery cart away laughing. 

The simple encounter made me smile too.  I give those $1,000 bills, everywhere I go.  To clients, there is nothing like one of my $1,000 bill "business cards" to make a businessman smile.   And for my appraisal company, with my personal message, they work! People call me from many states.  I visited Boston one day, to place an article I had written for the paper and when I walked into the editor's office, he had one of my $1,000 bills pinned on his wall.  It made my day!  As a hobby I have written several books and over 1200 published articles in newspapers, magazines and other publications, just because I enjoy it.  I have travelled around the world many times, and observed a lot of things, and sometimes I think I may have opinions that might be helpful.  My father told me "Travel is the great education. A trip to a foreign nation is like a Master's degree, in history, culture and economics".  With his encouragement , and that of many groups and agencies in our government, I have been blessed to get to work, advise and consult in over 22 nations.  My contacts and friends worldwide inform my view of news and trends. 

But the way we make a living here in the USA is with Appraisals and Environmental Reports, and that symbolic $1,000 bill, is a tiny amount compared the large sums that can be made when a recovery after a recession downturn occurs. Those who are smart, observant, and who study trends, can do very well, with investments, while values are still depressed. Thousands of properties, businesses, offices, have gone vacant, and many will be available in a window of opportunity.  2021 and perhaps 2022 are when those windows of opportunity will open. 

Jerome Powell, of the Federal Reserve Bank, just a few days ago, suggested that the economic trends were not all bad. He pointed out that there are positive factors, and if the economists and leaders properly support the Fed's Role to "See that people are employed" and to encourage a healthy economy, that recovery is possible and likely. 


The appraised value of your properties, might provide the investment funds or equity you need to borrow funds to invest in unique properties, during a time when the "rubber band snap back" effect takes place, and investors jump back into the market and start investing, or backing people with viable opportunities.   

That is why the $1,000 symbol is used.  To remind us that our appraisal firm has been through booms and busts, good times and bad, recessions and recoveries.

We see the historic valuation and investment opportunities that will be available in the thousands of properties that have gone vacant, or companies that no longer exist because of Corona Virus and the subsequent economic downturn.

We have completed appraisals and environmental reports in 30 states, over the last 30 years.  We identify the essential value for a client, and have found that this might provide the borrowing power to multiply holdings and assets when prices are opportune, with hopes for increases in economic demand for properties as the long term economy recovers. 

Remember us. We have over 30 years of experience and understand the market, and our evaluations, appraisals and even environmental studies could be a valuable tool for your future potential successes in investing.    Our contact information is below. Our appraised values far exceed a paltry $1,000, but increased values of real estate investments might be a future profit center for you and your companies, your family, your investors for years to come.

Ben B. Boothe, Sr.

Direct Cell:  817 -793 1484

We will travel to you, if your project is big enough to justify the time and travel expense.  You pay a good faith deposit of 50% plus travel expenses, and the balance upon delivery of the report.  We are know for rapid turn around times.  Most commercial property appraisals can be completed in 7 business days by our team.

We are always keeping our antennas up for new data and information!

Ben B. Boothe, Sr. 

I encourage you to broaden your judgement, and take advantage of the unique opportunities that are soon to be upon us.

Give me a call if you need an appraisal or environmental!  817 793 1484

Or feasibility studies for new uses and configurations on things such as office buildings, malls, vacant retail or industrial buildings.  There will be many changes of "use" in some sectors, particularly in light of "remote working" and companies needing to reduce office rental expense, by going "remote".  Let us give you the numbers, the feasibility of reducing your office rental space from 20,000 s.f. to, say, 7,000 s.f. could in some markets save you $260,000 per year or more if we consider taxes and other overhead.