This replica reminds us of the thousands of ways, a smart, intelligent leader can find to create new opportunity and success, as the economy recovers. 

We at BBAR Inc., have researched how many franchises, national and regional have failed, filed bankruptcy, or simply closed. Some of these will never reopen, some are looking for investors to come in and try to rebuild new companies. Some may need appraisals and feasibility studies to guide the way. 

You have a thousand ways to realize that many new fortunes, are founded when economic times are at their worst.   Timing, research, intelligent decisions, and well made plans are important.

We at BBAR Inc., in our economic research for Appraisals and Feasibility Studies, may be able to help you make more "informed" decisions for investments in 2021-22 that could help lead to long term success. Thousands of "mom and pop" businesses have closed, and many large national companies. There are opportunities at every level, needing good leaders like yourself or your group. 

We have been through the ups and downs of the economy for decades.  Now is the time to start seriously looking, researching new profit opportunities.   Contact us, we are here for you, www.benboothe.com at email: benboothe@gmail.com.  Feel free to call my direct personal line (if you are not a salesman)....817 793 1484. 


The number 7777 has been a favorite number of mine for decades.   In my travels I found that it is a special number in Christian thought, Muslim thought, Hindu, Tibetan Buddhist, Ancient Oriental philosophy, and even in scholarly circles of history, philosophy and science.  Wow.  It simply pops up everywhere, art, history, science, philosophy.

A few years ago I had an appointment with a very wealthy man, in Dallas, Texas.  I was to meet him in his office which overlooked his corporate jet in an attached hanger below.  I got there early and the door to the building was locked.  So just on a whim I punched in four numbers 7777, and the door unlocked.  I didn't have foreknowledge of the combination, just an impulse.  I knew the guy was a Christian and had some ethical values he followed.  As I walked in, the building guard came down and said: "How did you know our pass number?"   They had to change the entry code after that. I told him, "I just thought you might have a connection with 7777."  He was surprised and just smiled. 

What do some believe?  Some people believe that the 7777 number can help you overcome doubts in life. Some say historically it communicates "love".  Some say it is a source of "energy" or "positive actions". Others think it helps successful people achieve drive and success.  Some just think it is a positive historic number. 

In my research I found this, it is interesting what some people believe:

7, the single 7 is a symbol of encouragement and reinforcement to many people. An old song says: "7 is the perfect number, of that we are told...lets be more like 7, before we get too old". 

77 is a symbol of intuition and a spiritual realm. Helps you connect with others who may be spiritual or have insights.

777 points to motivation and enlightenment.  "More Light" some organizations strive for. It might help you persevere and give you additional motivation to be even better than you think you are. You are challenged to study your motives, be sure they are positive and wholesome. 

7777 is a number to pursue what is consistent with goodness and "divine" sources.  It helps you to make well thought out decisions. Find directions that are meaningful and in directions you feel good about.  Surround yourself with good people, communicate clearly with them, express your emotions and thoughts clearly with all.  7777 is a palindromic number, all digits are the same when reversed. Suggests a "perfection" of sorts.  Some believe that 7777 is good luck...even in difficult moments.   Some think it marks a turnaround for good things in life.   But then the philosophers say: "No number can make anything happen, but may provide energy and motivation for good for those who need a push in the right direction."

So, I pass this on. It is interesting.  This number so prevalent in history and in world religions, but also in a world of spiritually sensitive people who try to find meaning beyond institutional organized religion.   For what it is worth, I like 7777, and it is a friend in my life.  Perhaps it will be of encouragement to you as you move into this phase of recovery of our nation and the world ahead. 

Perhaps you don't need a number or it's history to press you forward to success.  You have our hope and promise to help you as you take steps and make business and life decisions ahead.   That is fine, and we want to send you a "Thousand" replica, with a place for reminders of the thousand things you might want to do.  Our gift, just email:

benboothe@gmail.com with your mailing address and we will drop a "Thousand" replica bill your way.   Promise not to try to spend it, it is a replica.  Let's make this new year, perhaps new era ahead a rich and successful time!

Make the future great for you and yours and for our world!  We wish you well and success in the challenging future ahead!    

Give energy to your efforts with a "positive" attitude. 

Ben Boothe, Sr.

President, BBAR Inc.


email:  benboothe@gmail.com