Vaccines first in England, and then in the USA

USA is now getting the vaccines from Phizer, with jets, UPS trucks and a massive distribution effort. 

Hospitals, hospital workers, and retirement homes for elderly are the first delivery points.  The nation has been "holding it's breath" waiting for the vaccines finally to arrive, and there is some hope now that we will really see this as the "beginning of the beginning of the end".  Historical accounts of plagues and pandemics throughout history all note that sometimes these viral impacts upon nations are long lasting. One thing is for sure. The new "normal" in America, will suggest that our nation will never be fully the same.

But let us not forget, that the people of the USA and the world, are smart, innovative, hard working, and not afraid of progress.  Our nation has suffered great losses with Corona, but we have also learned much, about being attentive, being watchful, and being prepared to respond to the "next" viral epidemic that comes along.   We will stand tall and be prepared next time. This photo of a man looking at his countryside, toward the sunlight, is a man seeking "enlightenment", a path for the future. We will see a bright path ahead of the USA for all.

Dr. Fauci today said that by late 2021, it is hoped that most Americans will have been vaccinated.  But that doesn't mean that we will no longer have changes in our society and we believe the next generation of Americans have a unique opportunity to make the 'new emerging' America better, smarter, and more innovative.   Ben Boothe, of BBAR Inc., believes we will see many new changes, in almost every area.

* New concepts for safe transportation, new health measures, new ideas of offices and office building design, location and the impact of diverse "spread out" communication systems that will make the traditional office something different. 

*Working from homes and scattered locations will continue to improve and emerge. 

*Food service and restaurants will have new designs and new health and safety concepts.

*Education, schools and universities will use more "high tech" tools, and more "away from the physical school" educational opportunities. 

*Everything from medicine, to architecture, movie production, even farming and food processing will be new, with innovations.

*The idea of the Global Economy, connected by air and transportation making simple and easy global travel may change, to have more caution, more health checks, more ability to prevent the spread of another virus. Indeed check points for viral infections may become a part of the new air terminals, with new sanitation measures to kill viruses in areas where a lot of people transit through. Perhaps airplanes, busses, trains will have new viral equipment to find and eliminate viral infections in the air. 

*Home design will change, because those wonderful "packed house" parties will be different in the future.  HVAC systems in homes and buildings will become high tech will viral inhibiters in air circulation.

*There will be rapid testing, available, so that if you are invited to a conference, a party, or even a ball game, you can get tested and even immunized with a certificate in hand in moments, to take with you for entry to your gatherings.

We at BBAR Inc., are gathering ideas, and considering calling for gatherings of progressive thinkers about the innovations we may see for the future of our nation.

We think as a result of the past four years, we will see trends, in politics to initiate steps, procedures, laws that will prohibit any politician from altering science, education and procedures based upon truth and discovery from being

politicized and used to warp truth for political goals.   


I for one am optimistic of the future.  I refuse to let the emerging trend of ill educated vigilantes with guns and banners to dominate our media or to dominate the progressive nation that Jefferson, Washington, Hamilton, Franklin, put forth to be a nation based upon enlightened education, logic, and a compassion to increase the peace, happiness and welfare for Americans.  We will not be dominated by loud, intimidating, thugs, who seem to lack an understanding of the essential merits of our Constitution, and a progressive, compassionate, peaceful culture.   While I am saddened that the many, perhaps in some states a majority of our "heartland center of the great plains" seem to feel that they have been ignored or left behind. 

But I see a new nation that will encourage more progress for our "Great Plains" and rural areas. To help bring forward thinking ideas, services, policies and attention to the working class, the farmers, the rural population, because they do represent a great 'heart' and tradition that is important to the character of the USA.  Our future is in our youth, and the hard workers of America, and our science and teachers, and educational systems. Plus our appreciation for honest values, hard work, and the "goodness" of our people, with compassion and energy to make our nation a better place for our children, grandkids, and all, red and yellow black and white. Because we are all "Precious in his sight". 

Ours is a great nation that still inspires progress, thinking, and improvement for us. The next generation is blessed to have an opportunity to "rebuild" a better America.   Our future is strong.