Biden/Harris "Persons of the Year of 2020" Time Magazine

President Elect Joe Biden and VP President Elect Kamala Harris win the coveted PERSONS OF THE YEAR award by Time Magazine, in the Dec 21, issue. 

Joe Biden had wanted to run for the Presidency several other times, only to be beat out by President Obama, and then became the Vice President.

Obama said: "I couldn't have had a better Vice President than Joe Biden, we became friends and worked well together."

Later Joe Biden hoped to run for President, as Obama left office, but struggled with family losses and personal doubts, thinking that perhaps those issues would distract his focus. 

But in year 2020, he was elected by the largest popular vote of any Presidential election in history.  The American people respected his personal story, how he dealt with family loss, and his devotion to his family, his country, and his church.  His demonstration of empathy and compassion plus a willingness to deal and define current issues bothering the American people led to his victory.  His V.P. nominee, Kamala Harris has the honor of being the first woman to be elected Vice President, in the USA.  Plus this provides a platform for her to get first rate, intense experience, and puts her in a position to run for President in the future if she wishes.

The day their victory was "Called" by all major news networks, brought a surprising and happy response from Americans. From coast to coast, people gathered in streets across America, dancing, cheering and celebrating (Peacefully) about the Victory of Biden/Harris. 

Donald Trump was shocked, and reports are that in the White House, where he has never congratulated Biden/Harris, nor even acknowledged that he lost the race.  Reports indicate that workers in the White House, avoid speaking to him about the election for fear he will respond emotionally and in anger to anyone to attempts to remind him that he lost. 

But officially electoral votes have been "Certified" and every recount and legal challenge forced by Trump has renewed the confirmation that Biden/Harris won this election.  Even Republicans have spoken out with honest admissions of the election results and most (except the hard right wing) quietly have accepted Trumps loss, and Biden's win. 

So we can look forward to a new philosophy, led by Biden's recent speech saying: "I am the President of All Americans, not just Republicans or Democrats". He has called for a time of healing, repair and a new kinder, more compassionate philosophy out of the White House under his Presidency.  Leaders from around the world have called and congratulated him, and many in Europe believe this may be the beginning of restoring American prestige and influence in European nations where many had been worried that the Trump Presidency had hurt relations with former allies in the European area. 

Certainly Biden's leadership style is that of thoughtful planning after consulting with experts.  His challenge with the Corona Virus has been answered with his creation of a team of medical and science experts, and make policies leaning on the expertise of science, instead of politicizing this Pandemic/Epidemic that has caused almost 300,000 deaths in 2020. 

His appointments to his presidential cabinet. are all experienced and well respected men, unlike some of the Trump Administration that have had criminal or legal challenges, and some of Trumps associates have been fined, and even imprisoned for illegal activities. 

We at BootheGlobalPerspectives offer sincere and hearty CONGRATULATIONS to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and wish them success for their upcoming leadership which goes into effect with the Inauguration Day, January 20th in front of the U.S. Capital in Washington, DC.   

No doubt, this will mark a new beginning for the United States and help solve the recession, Corona Pandemic and a host of other conflicts that have arisen in recent years.