Can Zinc and other Vitamins Help Fight or help prevent COVID? Many believe so.


Many people believe that Zinc may help build up immunity to the Corona Virus.  

I was in West Texas, checking out farmlands, and a farm owner told me this story:

"I was working next to a lady for a week.  The next day my daughter worked beside her for a day, and caught Covid 19.  Another friend worked with her the next day, and she went down with Corona Virus.

Then the lady was tested, and yes she had it, but wasn't showing symptoms.  I had worked for her for longer than anyone, and I went and tested and I do not have it?"

Then she posed a direct question to me, and said: "Do you know why?  I think I know the reason!"    

I hesitated and then took the bait, swallowed the hook.  "Ok, why?"    "ZINC, I HAVE BEEN TAKING ZINC, C AND D EVERY DAY!"  She said.  

That stunned me, because I had recently spoken to another businessman and farmer in the area, and he told me:  "I take zinc every day.  Have for a long time.  It tends to fight virus."

So I called a good friend, who has been in the medical field for 30 years and asked her: "What do you know about zinc? Is it an old wives tale or what?"  My medical friend said: 

"Zinc has long been identified as something that helps ward off viral issues.  Google it up and see what others say?"


So here are some of the articles on diet and foods and there seems to be some consensus that Zinc may be helpful, and the source of foods that can help.

The Caveat is, I am not a doctor or a qualified epidemiologist.  I just observe and share and encourage you to do so as well.  This I know, those who take Zinc believe it helps their health.

Look at the following:

Now look at these specific foods, that might be sources of Zinc: 






So there you have it.  Do your own research. Speak to your doctor.  But, as for me, I am taking a multi-vitamin that includes Zinc, 

and plan to order some Zinc lozenges that I can dissolve or chew orally.  

To all, be safe, wear masks, social distance, and remember those hearty West Texas farmers...who quietly are taking Zinc, C and D, and seem healthy!



Our credit and thanks to internet posted articles that have information on this subject.  As in all things related to health, speak to your doctor, do your research,

and go with science and medical research available.    We offer this as something to consider and research.   Feel free to copy and send this to your friends and associates. 

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