Amy Coney Barrett Answers at Judiciary Committee. We are impressed.

1. She is intelligent: Amy Coney Barrett has answered questions by the Senate, in a calm, logical, competent manner.  She didn't have to refer to notes.

She repeatedly said that President Trump, or his associates had not demanded or requested a "prior commitment" on rulings as a Supreme Court Judge.

2. Legal and fair: She has said that she would make rulings in a legal matter, and fair matter. She says that she will independently study, then consult other Justices, and  make her rulings based upon her study of law, not political or partisan pressure.

I believe her.

3. Claims to be non partisan: She was asked if she had a gun. She said that she did.  Repeatedly she was asked to give her opinion on current political issues.  She said she was not planning to be "political" or partisan but to interpret the law. Repeatedly, she said that her intent was not to be partisan.   Her job was to study the law of each case, without prior agenda, that she comes to the Supreme Court with a deep desire to rule based upon the law and legal issues. 

I believe her.


4. She is not racist: She has children, (not all of them are white, she adopted) and she told of how upset they were when they saw the George Floyd death. She said she was upset as well, and that she sat with her children, and they discussed the awful death of a man, by a law enforcement officer.The idea that there is systemic racism in America, was brought up, she left the impression that racism does exist and she intends to be a Supreme Court Judge that does not agree with racism, or inappropriate  violence against any race.

                                                                                                                                                                            I believe her.


5. She is a mother, with family values: Judge Amy Coney Barrett has a family, and their appearance, their quiet behavior,  sitting still, polite, disciplined presence in the hearings, was impressive.  She is devoted to her family, believes in family values

suggests something important to me, and to our nation.  I believe it provides insights and perspectives that are important to basic American values.  I can't imagine that a mother of 7 kids, would work to destroy our health care system that 20,000,000 or more people depend upon. 

I must believe she would be compassionate and understand the needs of families in America.  

6. She abides by the Constitution: She believes in "Constitutional Rights" and the 14th Amendment, "Due Process" clause should be interpreted to protect Constitutional Rights of Americans. Her mentors come from the strict constitutionalist philosophy, an old school interpretation. 


Honestly, I have come to believe, based upon the last 4 years of study and observation,  that much of what Trump touches, has potential to be manipulated.  After watching and listening to Judge Amy Coney Barrett 

7.  Not a pawn or puppet: I believe she is well focused, has a strength of character that seems determined to function with integrity and loyalty to the law. She said in effect: "I am not a pawn or puppet for any person". I am saddened that the Republicans rushed this matter, but possibly their "rush" to get her in the Supreme Court, might in many ways provide an honest, fair, and competent, non partisan judge. 

8. Those moral and family values could evolve into brilliance on the bench.  Attorney friends have said: "Oh, in those hearings they will say almost anything to get the job."  That probably has an element of truth.  But,  even though she comes from a strict constitutionalist interpretation of the law her "charismatic" religious background is disconcerting, she doesn't come across as a religious fanatic. I want to believe her, and I want to believe that she would make a good addition to the Supreme Court.   After all of the negative conflict, corruption, and incompetency our nation has suffered "from the top" over the past four years, I am eager to see someone who seems to have a sincere set of moral values and family values.  That is a positive thing, and we wish her well, for herself, her family, and for the United States.  Perhaps over years of experience, and growth in depth, she will help our nation and people.   History tells us that people who become Justices of the Supreme Court tend to grow, mature, and often mellow with time.  Time, seems to be in her favor.  We wish her well.      

Ben Boothe, Publisher, BootheGlobalPerspectives