Some Things Last, Some Renew, Encouraging Lasting Reminders

This live shot was taken during a video, and posted on the internet recently.

"Ah, Mother Liberty is still standing tall!" I thought, albeit she may be "charged up" a little, as she holds the torch of freedom high.  Notice the voltage runs, uninterrupted completely down the side of our Statue of Liberty.  It stands strong, paid for by thousands of small contributions, of Americans wanting to let it shine as a "Welcome" to all who come to the United States of America. Hoping that all will appreciate the nation, respect and adore it. 

Monuments, like this, bring us comfort, a sense of connection, a feeling that "Yes, it is still there", memories of the first time we saw it, or the times we stood under it.  Monuments make us remember those patriotic people that wanted to put up something, lasting, and encouraging us of thoughts, such as "Give me your tired, your poor....".  Thoughts of others, who were of courage, or who stood or led. People who explored, discovered, or spent a life trying to do exceptional things.  People who were "doers", "achievers".  Once I heard, then Speaker of the House, Jim Wright, say: "There are dreamers, builders, takes a special type of person to do, to create, to bring people together."  He then said: "We need 'uniters, not dividers'.   Afterwards I spoke to him, and he said: "And the unspoken part, is that some people would rather destroy, than build.  I try to encourage the positive side of life, because "Builders, leaders, those who unite, in positive dreams,create progress". 

It is time for our nation, to pull together in peace.  Let us stand tall together, and build positive things together.  Those voices of hate, anger and destruction, have had their say.  Enough.  Let us move forward, and let our nation do great things, with love and unity.  The vast majority of Americans want peace and loving progress. We have challenges, of recession, and Corona Virus, and international conflicts that must be addressed, and Americans need to be united and at peace with one another.  If we are to be a world leader for good, this is essential. 

This sight of lightening, striking the base of our Statue of Liberty suggests that she is there, steadfast, and that our memories, our thoughts of history and the evolution, the development of our nation still have a reference.  It stands on a foundation built in the shape of a star, on an island welcoming those who wish to build, grow, achieve positive things are welcome.   America was not founded to be a nation of "Victims" or those who live complaining of Victimization.  It was founded by achievers, leaders, and builders. People with positive dreams.  Lady Liberty, symbolizes, that to all, as they enter the nation.  Come, let us build, let the flame of "enlightenment" inspire us as a nation. 


Sometimes little things also bring to us, a sense of joy, or comfort.  For example yesterday, I went out and my little 35 plant vineyard, was covered with grapes.  White grapes, red grapes, pink grapes, small and and large.  The tactile experience of touching them, picking them, tasting them, brought back a similar comfort.  Year after year, my little vineyard produces from the soil, air and rain, something sweet and lovely.  

Yesterday, I just nibbled and enjoyed the natural sweet taste.  In a few weeks I will make wine, and enjoy it for a year or two. Share the produce, like nature's gift, with friends, along with laughter and joy. 

How these little simple things add to our experience of life.   Just a grape, or a memory of a memorial, or the smiles and awe they can bring to us in a quiet moment. Perhaps these days, it is appropriate to return to those "quiet moments" and reflect, on things of meaning, beauty and simple joy.  To rid ourselves, if only for a moment of the conflicts, agitation and fear that life sends our way. 

I left some on the kitchen counter for my wife to enjoy with her breakfast. I watched as she sprinkled some on her breakfast cereal.  It brought me joy, to see her pleasure.   Ah yes, breath deeply and enjoy a moment of your day today.