REMOVED ARTICLE: Sharpest Girl I Know, with a Sharp Idea, Cutting Edge

Sharpest knives on earth, for "Sharp Business leaders".

Well, perhaps because the company will resharpen the knives, repair or replace them with an unlimited guarantee as long as the knives exist. They are made with a double "D" edge blade which is one of the finest cutting blade designs in the world. Occasionally we see an exceptional person and want to recognize them. She is one and represents a "winner product".  

For you, your staff, your family, these American made knives, are gifts that are treasured, for a lifetime, plus your corporate logo or that logo of a client you wish to give them to, can be put on the metal blades.  Not bad eh? 

To make it even more attractive, Ahzeen Mansoori, is paying her way through college through the sales of these blades. Her major is business and she already hopes to run her own company. She is American born, and her parents came to America to find opportunity and to escape the hardships of the revolution in Persia. She is the most patriotic American you will ever meet. I call her a "sharp person" and when she found this exceptionally good quality knife she saw the potential of realizing the American dream.

She has over 100 items worth seeing and can send photos to you electronically and because of this "Corona Virus" issue, all of her sales are in real time, online where you can see all of her products. She has been featured on Linked In, Facebook, and mentioned in Twitter. Already even as a college student, Ahzeen is proving to be an effective business manager.

Ahzeen says: "Our University is closed down, and instead of sitting in my apartment, I decided to be proactive and to do something exceptional. When I found this exceptional quality product, I said 'Count me in'".

She wants you to call or text her at: (817) 944-0482 or email at:

But call fast, she is a busy executive well on her way, achieving what many wait decades to hit a stride.