Handy Tools to Fight "Coved19" (Corona Virus)


A three fold, two material hand sewn face mask                                                                   Ben in a protective suit and respirator, with gloves and eye protection, when sterilizing buildings


Or a  great tools is a mobile laboratory, that has equipment, 6 chemical (Corona killing) treatments, and support materials to do a "deep" sterilization.  It is a completely sterile environment.

"I was on a board of directors for the Shriners Children Hospitals for a few years, and while every hospital has 'cleaning'

daily, but  from time to time, an extra powerful deep cleaning to sterilize, especially during epidemics is called for."

I was a former banker, and businessman but decided rather than to sit around the house, to become proactive, and so we have a company that does "Building Sterilization", that starts at the doors, then the floors,

then up to tables, counters, surfaces, chairs, and up higher even to the HVAC filters, Coils (if accessible) and vents.  Then after spraying, we do "wipe down/rub down" of any items than can be touched. Handles, doors,

knobs, cash registers, cell phones, hand tools, and when we are finished, we call it "high impact sterilization".  We have a concept where everyone that walks in a building, has his shoe soles sterilized, without any delay.

We then provide a "CERTIFICATE" that can be posted on the doors or in advertising that the grocery store, day care center,

schools, retail store, restaurant, prison, Walmart, or whatever has had a "deep sterilization" with chemicals that the CDC

lists as effective in killing Coved19 virus.  


Yes, Wash Your Hands! Stay close and stay safe.  Wear facial protection to slow the spread of the virus. 

Keep a safe distance from others. 

And remember, for the ultimate deep cleaning, we have chosen, and are trying to help save a few lives.  Not as comfy and easy as being a

banker, or an appraiser, or an environmental consultant. 

But we want to be out there, doing our part to "attack" with our CORONA POSSE".  If you see our little Winnebago rolling down the streets, we are

probably on the way to sterilize another place. 


Be proactive, and be safe, friends. 


Ben Boothe

817 793 1484