A TRIBUTE TO: Dr Li Wenliang, Died of Coronavirus, a hero

Dr. Li Wenliang. A simple doctor, and a hero of mankind.

We at BootheGlobalPerspectives pay tribute to the Chinese Doctor who was jailed for discovering and reporting the Coronavirus virus died.  He was simply doing what medical professionals are supposed to do, under the ethics of medical practice. An ethic shared by doctors throughout the world.  He wanted to share data on this virus, which he identified as dangerous, so that other doctors could continue to research and strive to save lives.

Sometimes even the most innocent and simple things become huge heroic examples to the world. 

Sadly, the authoritarian rule of China still exists, and Dr Li Wenliang was arrested and jailed for telling other doctors what he had found.  Had his voice been given exposure, perhaps it might have helped, especially early on when this “outbreak” was young.  But in a way, his life, and death has brought more attention to this viral epidemic. 

More sadly, when this should have been "open" many government officials rather than being transparent,  hid the problem from the public, in a control issues, that may have managed to delay early efforts to solve...not hide...the problem. No doubt the early policy cost lives and made matters worse.  Many people feel that they were "betrayed" by poor policies of their leaders. 

Dr Li Wenliang, in your memory we at BootheGlobalPerspectives give our reverent tribute and acclaim Dr. Li Wenliang as a hero.  We offer our kind sympathy to your wife and family in China. 

We trust that your example will inspire others to live courageously, and inspire a freedom of speech and an encouragement of education and science, for the benefit of mankind.

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Dr. Li Wenliang, a man of integrity and courage as a Chinese doctor who tried to raise alarm on coronavirus in Wuhan died on the ‘front line’ of medical fight. What could be more heroic?

We understand that even under the strict quarantine, blockade and lock down in parts of China, including attempted isolation of perhaps 50,000,000 people, that the Chinese people are still managing to show sympathy, and to cry out for “freedom of speech”.  Li Wenliang is hailed as a hero for trying to call attention to the dangers of the coronavirus before state authorities disclosed its full threat. He was arrested, jailed and then sadly he realized that he had caught the virus from one of his patients.  His death has sparked fury online toward the government by Chinese people around the world.  His early voice, if heeded might have saved hundreds, even thousands of lives in China.  It is an example of why so many Chinese are angry at policies of “denial and punish” response to early discovery of this deadly virus.

We at Boothe Global Perspectives salute him as a heroic voice for science and truth, in the face of politicians who seem worldwide to try to manipulate science, even medical science, (for political reasons) often creating pain and suffering among “the people”.  This attempt to “co opt” education and science, has raged like a virus, all over the world, where politicians, in China, Russia, dozens of nations,  even in the USA, seem to wish to try to corrupt science, and manipulate it into their own political issues.  This virus is “nature’s answer”. 

You can almost see the fear in Dr. Li's face,  for what he discovered and what he was experiencing.  He knew he was at risk of death.  He was punished by his own government for his excellence in early study and observance of the "danger" of this virus. He surely felt despair, and  it seems to show in his eyes. 

We need the best medical minds, researchers, doctors, to do what they devote their lives to saving lives. Doctor "Li" is an example of a man who gave of himself. Sadly, both his government and the virus, attacked him. Let him be an inspiration to all medical heros trying to save lives.