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BootheGlobalPerspectives published this article years ago, and it repeatedly has circled the globe with thousands of viewers. Now with Coronavirus circling the globe, you need to read this and pass it on. 

This virus seems to be having very rapid growth and is deadly. Science and medical experts say it may be some time before they can develop as vaccines or treatment. My wife and I went to a movie, as we have done every Friday for years, it is "our date." The movie selection was great, but the theater was almost empty. At Starbucks, people were doing "elbow bumps" instead of shaking hands. 

This is a time to be calm, thoughtful and informed. And thankful that our government leaders have not completely cut funding for science, education and research. 

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       Personal hygiene is the first line of defense and each person should wash hands with warm soapy water for at least 20 to 30 seconds. 







For the "extra effort" of viral and germ control and sanitation.

       For commercial, business, day care or school locations, if you are concerned and wish to lower the risk of Coronavirus in your commercial offices or buildings, we can offer

       special service.

       We can do a high intensity cleansing of the interior, floors, desks, glass, hard surfaces, bathrooms, kitchen or break areas, and even a wipe down of computers, telephones,  doors,

       door handles, faucets, commodes, showers, light switches, areas of hand touch and do a short informative speech to employees of how to fight back this virus.

      This is a chemical based attack, using strong industrial strength caustic chemicals, so the fumes may require that you run air-conditioning fans or have your employees or students take

      a short break while we sanitize  their work areas. This is more comprehensive than a "house cleaning".  For a typical small office (reception and 4 offices, break room and  2 bathrooms) 

      the fee is $2,200.   For a mid size office, (reception and 8 offices, 2 bathrooms)  $3,300, and for a large office (say 15 offices, 4 bathrooms, conference  room and break room) the

      sterilization fee is $4,700.   Larger multi story office buildings will be more, based upon size.  For day care centers, or schools, the fee is $1.00 per square ft, with a minimum

      fee of $2,000. A 2200 s.f. facility, $2,200.  5,000 s.f. day care, school or church facility, $5,000.   For larger buildings or spaces we will lower or  negotiate the rate psf.  Depending upon

      travel time and distance we typically charge 55 cents per mile for travel (that is the IRS Rate).  

      We study CDC for the latest and follow CDC guidelines and invite you to also review their site. 


During the process , if you wish additional environmental checks, we also have equipment to check areas for high intensitive electronic or radiation from equipment, to notify you if you

have "hot spots" from specific equipment or perhaps high voltage power lines that might impact areas of your building work space. Let us hear from you if you have an interest.  We can

also inspect your property for evidence of mold.  Prices negotiated per location.   Carpets or "soft" surfaces will require special handling and the chemicals can stain or change the colors

so we can "shampoo" these with a powerful chemical detergent, but often recommend having a carpet cleaner or specialists do a cleaning for those surfaces.