New Epidemic Growing Fast: Stay Aware of This

Some cities in China are almost closed down, and streets are vacant. More than 50 million people are on lockdown.

Mongolia, Russia, Japan, North Korea the USA, are closing down borders or making it harder for people to enter from China.  It is quickly becoming a world wide epidemic. Political leaders and government are trying to avoid public panic, but in some areas worries about food supplies, overwhelmed medical facilities, and blocked roads and airways are causing more fear.   My wife and I went to our "Friday night movie date" and to our surprize the theater was almost empty.  We are now told that "hand cleansers" are not as good as soap and water for hand washing. But this virus doesn't seem to even need a "touch" to spread...just proximity to other humans. 

From 10 to 100 to 1,000 to 2,000 confirmed cases in just 5 days, this Corona virus seems to be exploding. Soon it may be in the hundreds of thousands, possibly millions. 

Hospitals are overrun in China, with lines running around the block and no beds available.  In Wuhan, workers are rushing to get three new hospitals up to help serve the crowds. Grocery stores report empty shelves and concerns for food supplies.  The Government of China says it will not allow food shortages, but people are worried. 

Supplies are scarce, airports are closed in some sections of China and roads are blocked.  In China's Hubei province, a travel ban includes 16 cities (51 million people).  In the USA and other nations, people are testing travellers first from China, next from Asia in general, and also anyone with a fever.  People are being put in isolation in the USA to get through a 14 day incubation period and tested daily. 


Notice, no reported cases in India.  Why?  Hindus and many Buddhists are vegetarians.  This is a virus originating from meats, often wild meats like bats, snakes, and animals. It can be deadly to humans.  

Some think it all started with this meat market in China, selling snakes for food preparation. It is now closed and guarded. 

Take a look at these "wild meats" the police found there. Those Chinese, they can cook anything and make it taste good.  I have seen and tasted scorpions, strange looking worm like things, meats I didn't recognize.  But never snakes.  (In Texas they say they taste like chicken).  
Until medicine and science provides some solutions, many people, especially those in areas near international airports that serve travelers from Asia, might want to take precautions. Avoid "close places crowded human contact" and "coughing, sneezing individuals." Might be a good time to head to your mountain cabin, or stay home and enjoy some NetFlix movies for a while. Let science work. 

Not a good time to head to China for a business trip or vacation. Good time to sterilize your hands, your house, your children, your cars, and make liberal use of hand sanitizer. Do not touch your eyes, mouth, face, or open wounds. Any new flu-like symptoms should be taken seriously.  

Give this time, and let's hope it does not become a global epidemic. Take care of your family.

Give thanks for those doctors and scientists who are working day and night to find solutions.

Perhaps moderation of diet would be a good long-term solution. 



Go to the "Wash You Hands" site at: for more information.