One must wonder if people are beginning to dread a "Make America Great Again" rally in their cities, knowing that they are being left holding the bag for unpaid convention center bills, police, fire and clean up operations, not to mention traffic rerouting and inconvenience for local businesses, hospitals and institutions.  Airport delays and "presidential" issues causing rerouted commercial air travel when the president comes to town also create issues and expenses both for the cities and the airlines. 

We wonder if cities really want this bunch coming to town, renting but refusing to pay for convention centers and not paying overtime for police, fire, city workers, and all of the associated expenses that normal users must pay. We feel some sympathy for American cities that have put out welcome mats for GOP events only to find that they have been repeatedly stiffed after the GOP left in a hurry, not even offering to pay for the expenses they ran up.

We see other expenses being thrust upon American taxpayers.  

1. For example, the Office of Budget and Management just released figures showing that the USA has hit the highest level of deficits and deficit spending in years. These deficits have been going up every year since 2016 and include costs for a "wall," wars and government expenses caused by tariff wars and conflicts.  

2. The trade war has decreased income from import/export companies, farmers and millions of Americans.  

3. The GOP income tax law has created huge deficits -- just the opposite of the "surge of new government income" that GOP leaders said would happen if Congress approved the new law. The law then gave big business large gifts and new tax deductions, while increasing taxes and lowering deductions such as home mortgage interest for American homeowners.  

We are reminded of two other historic examples of political leaders who "broke" their governments.

*Mussolini of Italy managed to savage the treasury of Italy with unwise wars that killed over 150,000 Italian boys. His nation tried to get him out of his office and imprisoned him, and later Hitler had him broken out of prison. Mussolini was eventually eliminated by Italian citizens to keep him from regaining power over their nation and their money.

*Caligula, Emperor of Ancient Rome, was brought to power as a young rich man, and it was thought that his wealth would make Rome's people wealthy. Instead, his reign was one of outrageous and impulsive policies, and his spending habits almost bankrupted the Roman Empire. He too finally was eliminated from leadership.

What a leader does often speaks louder than his tweets or his words.  

But non payment of legitimate bills all across America suggests a problem of sorts, given more urgency when it is known that Donald‘s ventures have filed bankruptcy repeatedly and seems to have to go to nations like Germany to borrow money, because so many banks in the USA don't want to lend to him.

We wonder when the GOP and the remaining good people of that party will tire of  defending this president in light of every new tweet or outrage coming out almost daily, along with his documented 18,000 lies. Last week he was noted for making over 40 untruthful statements a day as he attempted to insult all of the witnesses who have documented illegal acts that are impeachable events in under the U.S. Constitution.  

But the mayors of the above cities would settle for him and his GOP simply to pay the debts they owe their towns.  

We wish them all luck and sympathy. In the meantime, we believe that our place can't afford another visit by this bunch ... unless they pay in cash, in advance.