Republican Sheriff on Texas Border says, "TO HELL WITH TRUMP WALL"

Politics in Texas, especially in rural Texas, are conservative -- very conservative. So when people like the Republican Sheriff who has to patrol the border, speaks out it reflects a broader opinion. He is in charge of a part of the southern border of Texas where Trump's wall is routed to go. He says, "To hell with the wall right now." I for one do not ignore local area sheriffs. They have a unique roll in the culture and the peaceful stability of rural America. We have worked in development and appraisals of hospitals, prisons, and hotels in 30 states and often work with local judges and sheriffs. They are often the beating heart of leadership in rural America. 

BootheGlobalPerspectives has noted a change not only in rural Texas. The change in attitudes about the WALL is national.

John Cornyn, senator from Texas and  second-ranked Republican in terms of power in Washington, D.C., has indicated that the wall concept simply does not make sense in Texas. I know John Cornyn personally. He is a smart man who may take McConnell's place as Republican leader of the Senate one day. He knows that the wall creates too many other problems for land rights, roads, and untold new legal actions from local farmers, ranchers and businessmen who have business and property near the border. Plus, it is far more expensive than electronic and high-tech surveillance. 

Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico, another acquaintance who I admire, released a position paper just this week with similar opinions for his state. Udall is a man who I have seen attract a standing-only crowd of Democrats and Republicans and get a standing ovation from both. He believes that closing down the government for this wall is ludicrous. Leaders in Arizona and California, Republicans and Democrats who we know, have voiced similar opinions and consider the wall illogical overkill. Some have not spoken out for fear of Trump's wrath, but they have strong opinions and will vote accordingly one day. 

Nationally, Rasmussen Polling, which Trump has touted repeatedly because it tends to give him higher polling numbers than other polls, indicates that Trump has lost popularity across America because of his wall. It appears that this wall is surrounding him and may be the downfall for this president and those "inside the wall" with him. 



But it is not only Rasmussen. Check this out from other polling services: 

 This publication can not ignore the national will of the people. This is not Democratic- or Republican-oriented, it is a reflection of a majority of the American people. We consistently have encouraged people not to act as Democrats or Republicans, but to act as Americans first. To get away from the stubborn ideological "walls" of various extremes. 

Trump has declared "I WILL NEVER, EVER BACK DOWN." If this is consistent with other declarations and his record of flip flopping, it suggests that there is an increased possibility that Trump will back down.

FACT: His words have not thus far been deemed reliable, with the 7,500-plus documented untruths or misstatements. The political damage to the image of the United States around the world is another subject, but there is no doubt that Trump is known to change or misstate his intentions if it gives him negotiating advantage or serves his various personal desires at any given moment. 

Republican leaders have approached him with several alternative options to solve the wall issue and get our government open again, but he has consistently refused Republican plans as well as three options proposed by Democrats. Trump has rejected detailed solutions from both parties. He seems to have made it a personal issue. And as such, it is not an American issue, but a Trump issue. Most Americans do not want his wall, and most Americans are appalled that the government would put 800,000 government workers out of work over a "personal issue."

Some of the options he has considered include taking hurricane funding pledged for Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico and spending it on the wall instead. You can imagine the political ruckus that idea stirred up. Without Florida and Texas, Trump would not stand a chance in a national election.

He has considered calling a "national emergency," but there is no emergency. That is all a configuration in his mind. This is an artificial emergency dreamed up by Trump and a few radical advisers. 

Most intelligent and informed people indicate that electronic surveillance is far more effective, cheaper and preferable to a $5 billion boondoggle wall. 

Trump has further considered using U.S. military personnel and drawing from the military's budget to build his wall, and that has gone over like a lead balloon. You can image generals seeing their budgets for soldiers and equipment siphoned off to build a non-essential wall.    

We at Boothe Global Perspectives pose a few basic questions:

     *If local people in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California do not believe the wall is a good solution for their states, why shouldn't the president give that more weight?

     *If Republican Party leaders and Democrats elected by the American people prefer that Trump back down on his stance, why shouldn't that have an influence on him?

     *If a majority of the American people indicate that they do not like Trump's wall proposal, why shouldn't that have  a more powerful influence?

     *If experts confirm that the southern wall is not a significant entry way for "terrorists" (airports are), and that 99 percent of those seeking to cross are poor people seeking jobs, why wouldn't that make a difference?  

     *Is this truly the result of a simple rhetorical line in Trump's campaign speech? Is it so important to his self esteem or image and to retaining the backing of his base -- a base that largely is not located in border states?

    *Is this a reflection of his ego or a means of demonstrating his "imperial" power? He must recognize that he is not a king who can just overrule Democrats, Republicans and the People. This is a Democracy. The presidency is not an office intended to satisfy the ego or manhood of any one person. It is to reflect the will of the people, and in this Democracy, the majority of American people do not like this wall.

We suggest that there is another possible reason. 

Perhaps the 17 investigations, some civil and some possibly criminal, into Trump, his family and his regime may be finding upcoming factual disclosures that are a threat to the Trump empire.

Trump's "circus act" (a phrase from a Republican strategist) as described Trump's his book: "The Art of the Deal," has a few basic themes that he has repeated so many times that the American people have gotten a bit tired of the "show." (Remember, circus shows normally only stay for a week or two, because people tire of the acts after they have seen them once). We have seen all of his acts too many times, and the American people are tired of them. More and more, Americans see them as intentional distractions. 


We at BootheGlobalPerspectives  believe that the wall is a desperate attempt to distract Americans' attention away from the ugly truths that are emerging from investigations into the Trump regime. These will be irrefutable facts. 

With facts, the majority of Democrats, Republicans and independents will act like American citizens, without labels (Liberal Democrat, Right Wing Republican, and so on).  We as a nation will act as Americans first, and with finality.

This article is written in that tenor, that we should as a people be Americans, consistent with our ideals of fairness, integrity and truthfulness, and without corruption or ideological influence.