Study of the Flow of Capital Around the World is Enlightening, Capital Flows = Value Appreciation

Our thanks to Dr. Richard Barkham for his insights into capital flows to and from the USA. He gave us permission to use some of his research. It seems that the direction of capital flows has a lot to do with determining growth economies and the health of financial sectors. We recommend that you write Dr. Barkham and read some of his other studies. 

Note some of the following and let it stimulate your thinking. It seems that Canada, China and Singapore are huge sources of inbound capital to the USA. Outbound capital from the USA seems to be going to France, Canada, China, Japan, Singapore and others.  Therefore Singapore, Toronto, Amsterdam, Paris and London are showing great growth as a result of US capital flowing to those cities.  


Inbound capital is creating huge growth in Houston, Maryland and suburbs, Tampa, San Diego and San Jose.

Our thanks to Dr. Barkham, Global Economist, CBRE Global Research for sharing with us.