Air Pollution Health Dangers: Air Pollution Can Be Lethal

We give credit to LIVE SCIENCE and Mindy Weisberger for this report.  It confirms a study we published years ago that stated that children who live near busy interstate highways have a much higher incidence of lung disease, breathing problems and long-term problems. We must wonder how dangerous the health issues are for farmers, construction workers and laborers who work or live in dust and polluted air areas. Various estimates of the costs for medical expenses caused by air pollution issues are almost impossible to create, and when there have been models created, the numbers are astonishingly high. Yet many politicians dismiss air pollution as unimportant, and laws and regulations are often not enforced while millions around the world are sick and dying. We have printed some but not all of the original article and left out the impact on high blood pressure and other items for reasons of space.  

Air pollution is especially dangerous for young children and babies, whose their lungs are tender and developing. It has been well known that workers, laborers, farmers, and construction people who work in high dust and air pollution jobs have a host of serious illnesses. But see what air pollution does to us that could kill us. Breath well and thanks to Live Science and your writers, we give you and Mindy Weisberger credit for writing this.