A Free Press is the Best Friend the American People Have

We join 350 newspapers in America in stating, "The free press of America is not the enemy."

A look at the world indicates that only 13 percent of the world's population, ONLY 13 percent of people, enjoy a free press.

Basic to America are "Freedom of the Press" and "Freedom of Speech." It is our free press and our freedom of speech that makes the United States uniquely superior to dictatorships, nations ruled by despots and nations that are filled with corrupt leaders.  

No doubt a free press watches, reports and asks important questions. In doing so it informs the people. 

A resurgence of purely false news has been stimulated by radicals, fringe groups, political ideologues and sometimes even foreign nations bent on creation conflict and confusion in the United States, such as the "trolls from Russia."  Sadly, the carefully crafted "alternative truth" that they have published to manipulate our political process has been believed by many unsuspecting Americans. George Orwell, in his book 1984, carefully predicted  that despots would use "alternative facts" to promote political lies. 

But today, we are speaking of our mainstream press -- the powerful and reputable beacons of good reporting. The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Fort Worth Star Telegram, Dallas Morning News, Boston Globe, Washington Post, CNN, NPR, NBC, CBS, and on and on, have strict requirements of confirmation, double checking facts, and specifying sources. We at www.BootheGlobalPerspectives.com also believe in reporting the truth, sharing sources, and confirming information before we publish. We report the truth, even if it is not pretty. No doubt we have seen Trump use his Twitter messages to distract Americans and to promote his personal (sometimes uninformed) opinions. The Washington Post has recently counted and documented over 4,000 times that this U.S. president has not told the truth to the American people in his statements and tweets. 

The job of the press is to report truth, and sadly, reporting truth more than ever has become a matter of exposing another untruth or mistake by the U.S. president. Even his own supporters know that he has a penchant for telling the "non truth" to convince people to follow or agree with his point of view of the day. Our job is to have integrity, to report truth, and to strive not to repeat gossip or hearsay. No doubt the recent move of taking away "White House Credentials" from a respected thinker in Washington because he criticized the president is something more like a dictator or leader of a Banana Republic, not an American president.  

Kennedy, Truman, Ford, Carter, Clinton, Nixon, Obama, all were targets of incisive reporting and criticisms by the U.S. press. Each was "stung" by press reporting and research. All managed somehow to shrug it off with dignity and class. Had it not been for the careful research of reporters in America, many abuses of power would have gone unnoticed or unread by the American people. A good press is good for the United States. It keeps us honest. It shames us when we do wrong. It praises us when we do good. It exposes folly and praises idealism. It is not "the enemy," but our nation's best friend. 

Sadly, those afraid of a free press and afraid of scrutiny and questions seem to be those who have the most to lose by having truth reported. Someone afraid of "light" has something to fear. 

The press is not the enemy.  

  1. Those who do not tell the truth are enemies of America.
  2. Those who abuse their power are enemies of America.
  3. Those who separate babies and children from their parents at our borders are enemies of America.
  4. Those who seem to mark and injure nearly everyone who works for them in the White House are enemies of the USA.  
  5. Those who insult and abuse women, children, and American patriots are enemies of America.
  6. Those who reduce Social Security and Medicare benefits for our sick and elderly people are enemies of the American dream.  
  7. Those who seem to sympathize with Nazis and white power fringe groups are enemies of America.
  8. Those who hug and seem to love despots around the globe, dictators that hate America, are enemies of our flag and the USA. But our local reporters and newspaper editors are brave people willing to seek out and report the truth -- what is really happening -- are American heroes.

I stand with the 350 newspapers across America, in reaffirming;





Support your local newspaper, radio and TV news. What would it be if all news came from tweets, Facebook, and U Tube?

What if those brilliant reporters and writers were all out of work?  Where would you find truth?