Marc Comstock, President SAG AFTRA New Mexico Interviewed by Big Sky Voices

Marc is an experienced and accomplished actor. With credits in a number of films and TV series, he is also the president of SAG AFTRA, NM.  SAG AFTRA is the largest union in the nation for actors. We are pleased to carry this article and the video in  Marc is a quality man, quality actor and destined to be one of the "greats."


As you can see, he is an accomplished actor. In fact, The Scorch Trials (BladeRunner) had a box-office of $312 million. Marc was impressed with the sets and the money they spent to provide a quality production. With production costs of $61 million (much of it spent in New Mexico), the film had that profitable $312 million box office, making isuccess to be admired. 

Look at some of these images from his appearances on Manhattan, the popular TV series.   We are delighted to show you the interview with Marc, a film industry leader of New Mexico and a man noticed in Hollywood for his talent. See his comments on why he stays in New Mexico when he could be a success in LA or NYC.