Studio Institute Global Southwest (with Tobi Ives) Offers Below the Line Film Crew Training

Tobi Ives is no stranger to lights, sound, sets, and the multitude of equipment and workers behind the scenes to make a movie. She has had a long and varied experience with the movie and film industry. She worked for 10 years as production manager for the New Mexico Film Office. She also worked with New Mexico Unions gaining valuable experience in the film industry, especially in the trades and technical aspects of making a movie: sound, lighting, set and production work. In the process, New Mexico has increased its number of qualified people for "under the line" production by 20 times.

In her interview with BigSkyVoices (you tube) Tobi told Ben Boothe and Victor Waumett that there is enough demand for new film production in new movies, TV, and internet streaming that a qualified person in this field can make a good living, in an exciting industry. (see the video interview embedded) 

The is generating this training program to qualify people for good-paying jobs and new careers in the movie industry. You can pay zero at the time of enrollment, with an agreement to pay 4.5 percent of future earned income for 48 monthly payments, or you can pay $3,000 in advance ($4,500 including housing).  


New Mexico has developed a pool of more than 1,400 "below the line" support workers for film production, more than any state except California and Georgia. This pool is growing with the Studio Institute Southwest "Below the Line" Film Crew Training Program.  Classes begin May 14 and July 19th, and you can develop a new career as you enter the film production business. Training gives students the skills they will need to work in areas including grips, electric, sound, hair and makeup, wardrobe, accounting, art direction, props, set dressing, key scenic and more. Pay scale starts from $20-$30 per hour, and overtime is paid for those long production periods.

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