Saneh Boothe, lecturer and panel moderator, directed the meeting with charm and poise.

The presentation, “Surviving and Thriving in the Movie Industry,” was a realistic review of challenges and positive, thriving strategies by four successful women in the New Mexico movie world. The event was at the UNM Conference Center, a marvelous facility.

Saneh Boothe deftly guided the group through to how to eliminate anger and negatives and how to see positive solutions and results during a two-hour, inspiring lecture focusing on how to face challenges and find a successful and happy life as an actor in the movie industry. The actors gave powerful and practical advice that was helpful and inspiring.

Saneh said, “Watch these four panelists. Every one of them is going somewhere even more exciting in their career paths.” When they spoke during the panel, it was obvious that these five were exceptional people with deep insights.  

Most expected just a few people to show up on a beautiful Saturday.  But Saneh and her team were able to attract more than double the RSVPs.  Plus, several in the audience indicated that they were inspired and moved to find real practical advice from these actors. The youngest was 25 years old, the oldest 55 years old, and between them the panelists have been in a multitude of movies, commercials, long and short films.  These extraordinary women they know the film business from lighting to acting, sound to image. One wrote and helped produce an internet series with more than 50 episodes. Others acted, wrote, or have produced movies, and nearly all of them are active in some project at the present.












Talented actors of the panel:  










SAG members were admitted free, and the general public was invited. People gradually migrated in for over 1.5 hours until the room was almost full.

Saneh, with the support of SAG AFTRA,  provided shrimp, fresh veggies, cheeses, fresh strawberries, pineapple and other sweet fruits, refreshing drinks and more food than anyone expected.

Several directors and the president of SAG Aftra were present and participated in questions and answers.  It was a delightful time for all.  

Event leaders got numerous letters from participants:

Many present indicated that they looked forward to the next panel that Saneh produces, and some participants said, “The next one will fill up two rooms” because of the quality and positive spirit of the time spent together.


About Saneh Boothe: 

Saneh Boothe, born in Persia, left Iran after getting her medical practice degree and finished her internship in Radiology, Radiological Technition. She immigrated to America, and one of the first films she appeared in was Whiskey Tango Foxtrot opposite Tina Fey, produced by Paramount. She is on the board of SAG AFTRA in New Mexico, Chairman of the Diversity Committee, on the board of Women in Film, and Co-Producer of the Indian Pueblo Film Festival held annually in Albuquerque. She pointed out, “Some of you think my accent is exotic. When I speak to you in English, remember, my heart language is Farsi, and my accent is also impacted by Arabic, Russian, Turkish and some of the Kurdish dialects. So I speak five languages, and sometimes my accent is unique. Even the Pueblo Indians have asked me, ‘What tribe are you from?’ ”  

“So no one understands what you are saying when you are mad!” an audience member said, as Saneh and the crowd laughed.  “We celebrate our diversity as a path to success!” Saneh said.    

In 2012 Saneh was named “Most successful Iranian” by Iranians who have immigrated to the USA because of her commercials on behalf of President Obama. Shortly after that, thousands of people joined her Facebook page to the point that the government of Iran somehow blocked her Facebook account in Iran. “It is an example of why I believe in freedom of speech as an American citizen,” Saneh said.