Commercial airplanes may be carriers of more epidemics than any other single source.

I think I now better understand why airlines are called "carriers."

It is no wonder that new strains of something can travel from a remote village in Africa around the world to our most sophisticated cities like Paris, New York, LA or Chicago in a matter of days. They go by commercial airliner! So when you board the airplane, you may have unseen, invisible traveling companions.

I have circled the globe more than 20 times, and I am often on long trips in airplanes. My work as president of BBAR Inc. Appraisals/Environmentals requires that I get around and do so quickly.  I never get sick from flying because I am careful and attentive.  I take precautions, but they are rarely noticed by anyone. One hot, dusty day we landed in Bangladesh, and the pilots waited a while with the AC running before opening the door. When the doors were opened, dust, odors, and people covered with 'Bangladesh' crowded into the plane. I was not accustomed to such a contrast and change, and some of them had dirty clothes, mud on their shoes, and pungent food in their mouths. Later, when we took off, I brought out my little "sanitary wipe" and re-cleaned "my area." After a few moments, a mother with kids and family sitting nearby asked, "Excuse me, sir, do you have some extra alcohol-saturated, sanitary wipes?" I then realized and appreciated her diligence to keep her family clean and healthy. I was glad to give her a packet.

Here are some tried and true pointers for you and your associates or families for staying healthy on airplanes. COPY THIS AND SHARE WITH TRAVELERS. 



Wipe or sanitize:

  1. Hand tray control knob.
  2. Hand tray surface and edge.
  3. Seat control knob.
  4. Seat arm rests.
  5. Seat belt lever bracket.
  6. Above bin lever and touch edges.
  7. Window shade lever.
  8. Hands, forearms and wrists.
  9. Anything you touch.
  10. Wipe your face with sanitizer, be careful of your eyes. 
  11. Sanitize back of neck and head rest on seat.
  12. Or to simplify, just sanitize your hands before and after you touch anything.


And to answer your question, yes, feel free to copy this and give to your associates. Just remind them of www.benboothe.com.  Our compliments to you, and we at Boothe and Associates all say:  Stay healthy and you contribute to a clean environment. Enjoy your trip!