Antoine Predock is Famous for His Progressive and Sensitive Architecture

Antoine Predock is famous for his progressive and sensitive architecture. For decades he has circled the globe designing and “watching over” his outstanding creation projects. For example, in Canada he spent 10 years working on a multi-storied glass building glowing with light. He calls it “Canada’s Human Rights statement.” Canada has long welcomed people of diversity.

Saneh Boothe, Chair of the New Mexico SAG AFTRA committee said:
“Antoine Predock is a great man. His voice speaks through his architectural designs.”

The Canadian building design speaks of “the light of human rights," -- truly a masterpiece.

But Predock himself is a masterpiece. Charming, quick, witty. If you listen to him carefully, you often hear multi-depth messages, rare the days.

He traveled the great Silk Road route across Asia doing piles of sketches to prepare an architectural plan for a building in China “consistent with the site and culture of this landmark."

He studied the foothills and limestone of central Texas to design a beautiful, open-style, multi-level building that seems to emerge out of the earth.

“A building makes a statement that will speak for decades. Some work and ‘get it’ immediately, and some will just feel comfortable there, perhaps not intellectually understanding but feeling good by being there,” he said.
We anticipated an interview about architecture with him but instead enjoyed a blessing from a multi-layered intellect with spiritual insights.

Victor Wuamett of StoryTeller films called him “a famous architect who more people should know. His works are deep in design and creativity.”

Ben Boothe, cohost of Big Sky Voices, noted, “Antoine Predock is a rare treasure in the style of a modern Divinci. His thought process with notes and sketches are inspirational.”