David Brewer and Stradivarius Violins on Big Sky Voices

David Brewer is an accomplished violinist, a successful businessman, a respected consultant for buyers and sellers of the finest violins in the world. His company also restores and locates specific instruments for distinguished clients throughout the USA, Asia and Europe. He buys intelligently after thorough research and gets top dollar for what he sells. People find him trustworthy. But he also takes the time to teach his clients important details about his violins and gives them musical and historic context. David Brewer is a "Big Voice" on behalf of classical music and the finest treasures of music history. 

In this Big Sky Voices, hosts Ben Boothe and Victor Wuamett were impressed with his in-depth knowledge of fine violins, his scope of facts around the world and his determination to conduct ethical and honest valuations of valuable and historic instruments. "He is also a kind of international sleuth, because he finds instruments that sometimes have been held by private collectors for decades," said Ben Boothe. "Plus, working with David Brewer is like getting a history lesson in music. He has to know the history of these instruments to evaluate their value. So working with him is a multifaceted bonus."

David brought with him a Stradivarius violin to our BigSkyVoices studio. He told us that it has a value of $8 million. Ben and Victor actually got to play it (well we plunked the strings). So the hosts of BigSkyVoices can say we have played an original violin hand built by Stradivari almost 300 years ago.  It is remarkable that these violins were made between 1610 to 1720 AD and still have a sound superior to most instruments on earth.

You must hear the knowledge and information David shared about music, fine violins, outstanding stringed instruments and bows, combined with his insights.  

Plus, we learned that David Brewer has the ability to provide top performers of music for quality movie productions and background music scores. 

This is a significant man, David Brewer. Born in Temple, Texas, educated in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, he a top notch performer in his own right. He has created an international network of trusted clients. And clients who trust him. He has an important voice in the musical world and is one of the leading buyers and sellers of fine “top level” stringed instruments and bows. But his personal interest and historic contributions to each client is a bonus for those who have the pleasure to deal with him. What a unique life and service he performs to the music world of our time. 

"I call David Brewer a world explorer for the most valuable historic and musical instruments on earth. He too, is a treasure," said Ben Boothe of BootheGlobalPerspectives.  

 Contact David Brewer Fine Violins at 505-237-0005.

We were delighted to do this program to inform the public and enhance public knowledge about classical and historic music. Share this video and article with those interested in fine violins and other top quality instruments of this world, for an interesting discussion of history and the quality and artistic impact of these "best instruments in the world." We dutifully nodded a 'goodbye' to the Stradivarius, as it departed directly to the vault at the bank, knowing that it would come out to bless people for lifetimes again and again in the years to come.