Catharine Pilafas: Filmmaker, Actress and Yogi with her "hair on fire"

Catharine Pilafas recounts a story when, as a child, whe was on stage with her mother in the audience. In the above video, you will see why the phrase "Hair on fire".  Cat describes how her purse somehow caught a spark and was afire, as her mother was almost having a heart attack, watching in the audience Cat continued to speak her lines. Amazingly, she put out the fire, she never lost a beat. She recalled that the thought hit her: "I was on fire, and I managed to finish my lines. I can do this!"  She went on to college in Colorado, studied acting and dance, and then was invited to do some off-Broadway productions in New York City. See Video here:

As she puts it, she has always been a climber, always seeking to penetrate the next level, achieve the next goal, overcome the next barrier. So she has been a successful actress with movies under her belt. She has done dance and choreography. She has written books and screenplays. She has produced her own film and then went on to win an international director-producer award. She sings, and she mentors and teaches upcoming actors.

If you have never had the pleasure to meet her or work with her, this interview will give you a sample of this amazing, upbeat personality.

We at BigSkyVoices (You Tube) invite you to take a look.  

Cat has already achieved more than many in the movie industry, and we have no doubt that her path is strong and focused, and we can't wait to see what happens next in her career.

As for us, Ben Boothe at or and Victor Waumett at, we will be rooting for you Cat!