Saneh Boothe Elected to Board of Directors of SAG AFTRA in New Mexico

Saneh Boothe, Actress, Board-Member SAG AFTRALooking back, it is interesting to see how Saneh's life has progressed. She was living in Iran, just out of medical school, and was doing intern work in radiology when the revolution started. After seeing a woman stoned on the street and a man hung from a light pole, she determined that she needed to go to America. She wanted to "make a difference" but felt that it could be a death sentence to try to be a positive voice for progress in Iran during those turbulent, violent years.  She witnessed friends being  imprisoned. One of her relatives was executed, and Saneh just wanted out. So she came to America. 

She fell in love with America and became a patriotic citizen. After a few years she suggested that she and her husband Ben take a couple of years off to study, reflect and consider their future at their mountain-top log cabin in the Sangre De Christo mountains of New Mexico.  One long winter, during which they were often snowed in, they started making little You Tube videos, calling the simple episodes "Venus vs Mars." They talked about the female and male viewpoints of current events. The plot was that the male and female perspectives were often different, and as Ben said, "Venus always won the argument." It was cute, and more than 500,000 people viewed those 60 episodes sent out from their log cabin  atop of what they called "Mt. Boothe."  Saneh already had built a fan club and didn't realize it. One day, someone in Hollywood saw one and wrote to encourage Saneh to pursue a movie career.  "With your accent and charm, you can do well in movies," he said. How?  She asked. "Good casting directors will recognize your unique accent and power, and they will pick you." 

Thus Saneh and Ben bought a home in Albuquerque, and sure enough, she soon was picked up by Paramount, to be in Tina Fey's movie, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. She has been in several TV series programs including "Digg" and even a movie filmed by a producer from India who cast Saneh in a key role in the movie filmed near White Sands, NM.  He said, "You carried my key scenes and set up the entire plot." He also increased the pay he had initially agreed to pay her, for a job well done. That movie's main producer had a heart attack and the movie has yet to be released. Saneh has moved forward, is now writing a movie script, producing a documentary and working on a book in between movie auditions. 

She was asked to help by being a coproducer of the Indian Cultural Center Film Festival, then was voted to be in charge of movie scholarships on the Board of Women in Film in 2017. Saneh visited LA and met several people with the headquarters of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG AFTRA), and was impressed with their professionalism and scope of influence in the industry. Someone encouraged her to run, and she was elected to the Board of Directors of SAG AFTRA for New Mexico in August 2017.

Saneh has a heart for helping actors and serving as an international liaison for international projects.  She is a spokeswoman for diversity and has made public appearances to speak on that subject, one particularly well received at the Santa Fe Film Festival.  She also is committed to encouraging and helping actors to achieve their acting goals.  

Saneh and her husband Ben have participated in the Shriners organization. The Shriners have 22 hospitals and treat 92,000 kids a year for free.  Ben served on the board of governors of the Shrine Hospital for Children in Los Angeles (now in Pasadena) for a few years. He is no longer on that board but is a well-known member of Shriners of New Mexico and Texas.

Ben and Saneh are producing a documentary through their Cornucopia Ent (films) about the health care needs of Native American Children in New Mexico, with Saneh as the Producer and Ben Writer/ Director. They have interviewed dozens of people from Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. This is a work of love in progress. Saneh recently returned from Cuba where she spent time researching and seeking out contacts in the movie business. Saneh has been filmed or interviewed in Ecuador, New Mexico, Texas and California. She has visited Peru, Cuba, Dubai, Costa Rica and other countries with Ben.

Saneh is like that quarter, a simple coin that seems small, but  moving fast enough can have explosive impact.

As that first Hollywood man said, "Your accent and presence gives you a unique power ... people listen and are charmed."  A quarter has a mass of 5.67 grams. At 4 million miles per hour, this coin has around 9 gigajoules of energy. Assuming that energy is released upon impact, it is equal to two tons of TNT.  That is the way Saneh Boothe is. Moving fast and explosive upon her impact. Pure TNT.

Consider this:  Who better to work for "diversity and opportunity of women and children" than someone who lived through the revolution in Iran? Who better to want to work as an international liaison than someone who has traveled many countries, speaks several languages and has already achieved so much. Who could have more insights on the subject of "tolerance and respect for others, for diversity" than someone who has witnessed in horror executions of men and women on the streets of Iran because of religious or political differences?

Saneh considers her position on the Board of SAG AFTRA as a way to encourage others.  Send her an email: Congratulate her! Encourage her as she works to encourage others. Tell her of your goals. She is interested and motivated to help. Saneh, has already touched many lives and will continue to serve humanity. We are happy and proud of you, Saneh!  Keep on moving fast like that coin!!!

Ben B. Boothe, Sr, "Saneh's biggest fan"


Saneh Boothe's talent agent is: Mitchell and Associates. 505-262-9733. Please call them for booking inquiries.